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One Million Dollar Bitcoin


George Gammon Has Really Hit On Something Here In This Video, And It Could Explain The Reason Behind The Huge Surge In Bitcoin Price Recently

Could this be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for? 

But wait a minute! What if you could make money on the normal cyclical pattern of the rise and fall of the Bitcoin price that keeps occurring minute by minute?

Instead of just buying Bitcoin and waiting for the price to increase, what if you could make money in a 20-minute cycle?

Not only that but what if you could also make money (sometimes even more) when the price falls?

Buckle up, things promise to get exciting in the near future as George points out in the video below.

If you want to find out how you can take advantage of what’s coming go to this link:

Is Bitcoin Going To $1,000,000 Or $0.00? (Answer Will Shock You!)

#SystemCollapse #DigitalCurrency #DigitalGold

Is Bitcoin Going To $1,000,000 Or $0.00? (Answer Will Shock You!)

Feb 17, 2021

279K subscribers

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Meanwhile Peter Shiff in Puerto Rico with his gold
jose petere
Being right too early is often indistinguishable from being wrong.
Cecilia Moore
To get rich in life, you need to spend less and invest more. You don’t expect to spend 90%, invest 10% and expect financial growth. there is a saying “what you eat dies but whatever you invest lives forever”
Ben F
Its gonna be an interesting year to say the least. George Carlin once said “If your born in america you got front row tickets to the freakshow!”.
Tim K
It’s going to taxes!


Waldemar Perez Jr
Gov: “We want our fair share of your Coin” Me: “Say hello to my little friend”


Flo rence
A friend of mine referred me to this channel you make a lot of sense but I do not understand anything until she referred me to a financial counselor that helped me to craft my portfolio and over a year we have been working together making consistent profit enough to get my 3rd home and care for parents.
One Eleven
They want the wealth tax to push people into ‘renting everything & you’ll be happy’ as why would you want to own anything if it’s taxed every year…
Toby Henderson
George, How do you sleep at night!?
Dave P
Only the Amish will not notice when the nations economy turns back to 1850.
Aerock H
39:33. I heard a Jewish lady say once that, of those leaving Germany during Hitler’s rise to power, the pessimists ended up with a pool in California and the optimists ended up in Auschwitz.
this could be the first time in history we have a mass of people equally motivated by greed and fear!
Total Wealth Show
Yikes… George wasn’t kidding about the stiff drink!
EnLightening Profit
I’m very aware of a lot of things… but this video just connected several dots that I had no idea as to the how. Things are so obvious, if we just put aside our biases. Nobody sees the gorilla in the middle of the game, everyone’s watching the ball get passed.
Systems Realty Team
This absurdity is hilarious 😀
Brian Galvan
😂 “give them lead” people are like the folks claiming diamond hands
Some Random Vertebrate
The Georgie Dude got so carried away talking about government he forgot to take us through Points 3-5 in his third simple fast step!
Goi Dogoi
The entire economy is turning into one big superficial fakery. 🤔
“Bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered”
Frank Galati
I think I’m going to create a new acronym: FOLA – Fear of Losing All
George, you are the cold shower that a lot of us need.
Done! finished this horror story of yours! Cold storage! F it! learn Chinese! Getting ready for torture!! Got it, America isn’t about freedom! I believe it now!!
Dwayne Cunningham
California is the live action, Atlas Shrugged.
David Elet
Your sarcastic laugh is the best thing since sliced bread.
Peter Page
This is going to break the Internet. Thank you sir.
Anish Singh
21:00 this is how you own nothing and they own everything lol 🙂
Justin John
The next time you talk about someone with weak hands, please draw a stick figure and name it “Paper Hands Portnoy”
kelly gang
really good video, you should revisit this question in the future as everything is changing very quickly
Vasisht Raghavendra
The answer is not the most shocking part but how George manages to interweave between the two without raising any alarm is shocking! Good stuff George Gammon. Looking forward to more such videos.
Trev R
It won’t be long before the Government comes to your house and wants the shirt off your back too! Hang on a second, there is someone at my door…
Brent Brown Music
Your sense of humor is on point😆 I’ve learned so much from these videos. It kind of reminds me of how Dan Carlin makes history entertaining. It’s clear u love what you do. Thanks for your work George
No longer stiff drink time, it’s now smoke some PCP time in order to introduce yourself to the devil. Cuz you’re about to meet him.
Syzygy Syzygy
If you suddenly realize that the rocket you are taking a ride on is actually a missile you better jump off before it goes boomzies.
sam mills
Most importantly, stay modest and keep being productive.
Adele K
“This gentleman grows cows” 🤣🤣🤣
Stephan Savage
Not naming any names but I bet when the folks over at MicroStrategy see this video they’ll be cursing George’s name like a Saylor 😏
One day, maaaaaaybe, productivity will actually mean something again. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏼
Miha Chentsov
one of the greatest videos on this topic ive ever seen
Joann brown
I uprooted my entire life to come to America , there are many worse places to be right now. I did not comply with the shutdown, doing my best not to let them take everything I’ve busted my ass to earn. I have a green card and a non American passport, also can have 2 other passports. I can go on “vacation” and let my green card expire. However, I have built my life here and we are now 3 generations so we will probably decide to head for the hills . I’ll keep watching my other options just in case, I know how fortunate I am to have those options. There are times when a high dollar cost is a small sacrifice for your freedom, freedom is priceless.
Seamus W
“Free market” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 george you make me laugh
What an amazing guy! We need more of George.
I need an executive summary. Sheesh.
One Million Dollar Bitcoin

One Million Dollar Bitcoin


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