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About Crypto Grizz


ABOUT CRYPTO GRIZZ: Crypto Grizz is a Grizzled Old Guy with a tech background and a Survivor in life’s journey

About Crypto Grizz

At The Current Rate Crypto Grizz May Be The Last Remaining Free Person Left On Planet Earth By 2025

While Crypto Grizz chooses to stay mostly anonymous due to the Big Brother Surveillance World we now live in – here is a brief snippet of his background: Vietnam War combat veteran survivor, (awarded Bronze Star Medal, 13 Air Medals – 25 combat air assaults = 1 Air Medal)

Commercial Pilot – worked in commercial aviation, 6000 hours civilian flt time, Aerobatic Flight Instructor, Kansas Tornado chaser in small plane (adrenaline junkie), Degreed Aerospace Engineer, District Mgr for large AC Mfc, Worked in Aerospace Industry – design work on Space Shuttle, RE Investor – (from very poor >> to very rich 13 mil net worth >> to very poor), started and ran many small businesses, still a gym rat, student of history, many years studying The Globalist Agenda (NWO), and above all else – – – A LOVER OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM !!!.

As you may be aware, there is a major change coming in the global financial world – or maybe you have been among the sleeping masses (sometimes referred to as “The Sheeple”) – in that case, this may be a wake-up for you. 

This Global Financial Shift is commonly referred to as “The Global Great Reset”. If you are not familiar with it, we will provide many articles on this website to enlighten you. 

Warning: Some of this information may be a bit unnerving (downright scary). 

For those of you familiar with the Bible and the Book Of Revelations – you will see a similarity to 666 and The Mark Of The Beast

The Great Global Reset will involve the enslavement of all mankind on planet earth and will feature a “Global Digital Currency” which will gradually be forced into usage over a period of time.

How Soon Until You Are Reduced To Just A Number (666)


The official introduction came with the 2020 election (illegal), in which the new dystopian society was officially introduced in the United States.

If you currently live in the USA you will be amazed at the speed of introduction of such things as “The Green New Deal”, one of many things to be introduced to make you a slave (and a poor slave at that).

If you choose to remain free it will be necessary to drop out of the Global Enslavement System and join a relativley small, but global group that will remain free through the “Alternative Financial System” provided by Private Anonymous Cryptocurrency.

Please Note: If this scares you – you are welcome to leave now; otherwise, join us for the most exciting adventure of your lifetime while living in the New Alternative Financial World.

Still Here ??? OK >>> Let’s Go Then !!!



An Information And Meetup Site For Those Interested In Crypto Freedom

Bitcoin ETFs Explained

A news site on the latest developments in The Blockchain Technology field – but more focused on the developments in the “Privacy Cryptocurrency” area. 

Also a focus on Global Finance, Global Politics, and the latest developments with the Global Banking Cartel as it moves at a rapid pace toward “THE GREAT RESET”.


We will also devote a portion of Crypto Grizz to education to help bring you up to speed if you are new to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

This will be covered at Cryptocurrency Intro, and we will attempt to provide a summation that is simplified and non-technical. 

Also, if you’re interested in trading crypto, please visit our trading site:

About Crypto Grizz


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