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How To Buy Anything With Crypto 100% Anonymous

This Could Save Your Life In The Coming Totalitarian World

We’ve followed Privacy X for a couple of years and consider his advice top rate. He is one of, maybe THE BEST in the privacy field of crypto.

How To Buy ANYTHING With CRYPTO 100% Anonymous Doing Just 1 Thing!

Privacy X

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Bitcoin and Monero are 100% anonymous is you do this 1 thing first. Bitcoin is the biggest crypto coin and Monero is the best privacy coins. How can you use technology to buy anything with crypto using Bitcoin. Privacy and digital freedom with Bitcoin and Monero. SIGN UP FOR THE BLACKLISTED FREE NEWSLETTER :… BECOME A GHOST ► TWITTER ►   / codyhawkx   Shop On Amazon And Support PrivacyX​ My Website ► Odysee: ► ▼▼▼ More Details Below ▼▼▼ ***All videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes ONLY, before starting a business of ANY kind or investing, taking any action you need to seek your own business, legal advice. Privacy X Project, Cody Hawk and his affiliates are in no way responsible for actions you take or money you spend. Some Links above are affiliate links.

How To Buy Anything With Crypto 100% Anonymous


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Over the last decade it’s probably the0:07one crypto that is widely regarded as a0:10commodity but it could also save your0:14life in a cbdc situation where your0:17government goes totalitarian and you0:19really have no option to buy food or buy0:22the things you need to provide for your0:23family because you’re stuck with a cbdc0:26that they can toggle on and off whenever0:27they want so Bitcoin is vital now I will0:31stick by what I’ve always said it is0:33impossible moving forward to a Prosper0:37with crypto in your name you need to0:38never have crypto in your name moving0:40forward because they are Waging War0:42against you and soon they will literally0:44be knocking on your door around the0:46world this is coming sooner than you0:49think and two there’s a situation where0:52getting in and out of Bitcoin for Fiat0:55is really not possible on a big scale0:58because the way things are done but but1:00using Bitcoin as a use case as a1:02commodity as a store of value that1:04actually has purchasing power is1:06possible based on what we’re going to1:08talk about today and you don’t need a1:10bank and you don’t need any other third1:13party because Bitcoin was created1:15peer-to-peer permission list1:18decentralized we need to get rid of this1:20custodian model these banking model1:23these central banks World Banks World1:25governments because they’re kind of1:27cramping the style of something that was1:29supposed to be decentralized and so if1:31you want to look at how you can use this1:34anywhere anytime for you and only you1:37and not messing up your life which is1:42what these cbdcs aim to do and if people1:44allow them to come through then you will1:46have nothing left except for maybe the1:51quadrant I talk about gold silver1:53Bitcoin and Monero let’s get into1:54today’s video operation Bitcoin to save1:58your life2:01before we get into that if you haven’t2:02already make sure you check out my2:04newsletter got a free Weekly Newsletter2:07comes out every Thursday nothing but the2:10facts nothing but the content I’ve been2:13asked by so many people no no promos no2:16marketing no nothing my goal is to get a2:19million people on this newsletter one of2:21the ways I’m going to do that is I’ve2:22actually already got a pretty big list2:23I’ve been doing this for a very long2:25time but2:27also this is a newsletter that you can2:29feel comfortable telling people you know2:32about because there’s2:35no there’s all the fluff is taken away2:38this not a sales newsletter it’s not a2:39marketing I don’t promote anything in2:41this newsletter I give recommendations I2:42give facts I give I let people know what2:45I’m investing in what my picks are but I2:47don’t charge for anything it’s all 100%2:50free and I really go deep it’s not2:52something you can find anywhere on the2:53internet because the internet now has no2:56freedom of speech anymore everyone knows2:57that and everything’s censored but the3:00blacklisted newsletter new issues coming3:02out every week and I want it to be a3:04newsletter that people feel comfortable3:06sharing with their family and friends3:08who are looking to get into more privacy3:10security looking for the real facts the3:12hard truth real data and no BS that’s3:16why I’m building this newsletter for the3:18community and nothing else I will not be3:21marketing or promoting anything in this3:23newsletter I will only be giving you the3:25raw unfiltered unedited facts and that’s3:29all I got to say about that so check it3:31out first link down below let’s get into3:33Bitcoin3:35so Bitcoin is an interesting one just3:38ask dread pirate Roberts who’s literally3:41in prison for the rest of his life3:43because he thought Bitcoin was private3:46and secure and that’s not the protocol3:47it’s built on it’s not a privacy coin3:50now I do not Advocate doing anything3:52illegal I do not Advocate doing anything3:54shady I do not Advocate doing anything3:56against the law and you don’t need to3:58but the fact is the government also4:00cannot do anything they want and4:01unfortunately since 2020 they’ve decided4:04that oh yes they can and when the weak4:07people of the world have decided not to4:09rise up not to stand up not to take4:12action not to make their voices heard4:14this is how you end up with communist4:16Canada this is how you end up with you4:20know slavery in South America this is4:22how you end up with people getting4:24rounded up in Australia this is how you4:27end up with these type of things this is4:29how you end up with the Constitution4:30constantly under attack in the United4:32States of America because people aren’t4:34standing up so you might need Bitcoin to4:36literally save your life like I said you4:39won’t be able to get in and out of Fiat4:40unless you have a ghost business or a4:43special trust that I talked about in4:45yesterday’s video but maybe you just4:48need to buy some Bitcoin to feed your4:49family because Bitcoin is widely4:51accepted by more vendors than any other4:53crypto ever will be so this could be an4:55option well what do you do why I talk a4:57lot about Monero because Monero is an4:58actual privacy coin Monero and Bitcoin5:01work hand inand together a lot of people5:02ask me Cody do you recommend tumblers no5:04I do not most tumblers are garbage now5:06there are a few on the dark web that you5:09know again this is more of a newsletter5:11topic because I can’t I can’t say them I5:12literally can’t say the names of these5:14Tumblers or the video will get taken5:16down I’ve quoted government websites5:19quoted verbatim I’ve taken their text5:22put it on the screen quoted it put a5:25link in my video and the video got taken5:27down and I couldn’t post for like a week5:29because you know I quoted this is where5:31we are with free speech okay you’re5:34censored far beyond your your5:38comprehension most of you don’t make5:40content I know most of you don’t deal5:41with this stuff I know most of you don’t5:42have to talk to lawyers all the time you5:44have no idea how much time I have to5:46waste being attacked by governments and5:49agencies and dealing with lawyers and5:52lawsuits just to help people just to5:56help people with their freedom and their5:57privacy which is literally a right this5:59is where we are in this world and I’m6:01glad most of you don’t have to deal with6:03what I deal with cuz it’s not fun I’ll6:05tell you that it’s not fun I would be6:08better off being like a playing card6:10reviewer and getting a million views6:12than getting suppressed all across the6:14world but I care about the fight and I6:16care about leaving this Earth better6:17than I found it so if we’re going to get6:19into Bitcoin and we’re going to buy6:21Bitcoin well how can we do it6:23anonymously well people say well can I6:25just buy Bitcoin from somebody I know6:27who has Bitcoin with cash I mean yeah6:30technically you could but that’s not6:32really a reliable source and going where6:35we’re going with crypto and the new6:36crypto framework bill that I’ve talked6:38about at length that is coming through6:40now that we have a new speaker in the6:42house you’ve got a serious issue because6:46of the way the wording is that would6:48actually be an illegal act an illegal6:51act moving6:53forward and it’s already illegal in6:55several countries there’s places in6:56Europe where you already can’t do that6:57there’s already a lot of things that are6:58becoming illegal there attacking6:59encryption they’re attacking crypto7:02they’re attacking freedom of speech they7:04took news off social media in Canada no7:07I didn’t say communist CH that was a7:09long time ago Canada is literally7:10following lock step Marching In the7:13exact same direction as China and it’s7:16happening and it’s not talking about7:18happening it’s already happening in7:19front of our7:21eyes7:22so yeah I mean technically you could but7:25is there a better way well the issue7:28Monero has to certain degree and this is7:30why I’m such a big proponent of Bitcoin7:32and Monero working together kind of like7:33gold and silver work together so you can7:35go to local Monero you can buy Monero7:39now Monero with ring signatures and the7:40way that Monero is structured which I’ve7:41done a tutorial on Monero check out my7:43tutorial video I go through everything7:44in depth I’ve done three actually but7:47I’ve broke down how to buy Monero7:49anonymously how to use Monero how to buy7:51gift cards with Monero I’ve done7:52tutorials on all these things on my7:53channel so make sure you’re checking on7:54those videos if you want to understand7:55Monero but the problem is probably 10%7:59of the vendors that take Bitcoin take8:01Monero so what do you do well you can go8:03to local Monero for one example you can8:05buy some Monero let’s say you put $1,0008:08in Monero then you can go to cake wallet8:10or you can go to stealth ex which I8:11talked about in yesterday’s video and8:14you can swap it for8:16Bitcoin then you have Bitcoin that is8:19completely Anonymous that is not tied to8:21you then you can transfer it to a8:23hardware wallet now this is good because8:26then you have a device in your hand that8:28you can actually buy things so similar8:30to how you have a phone and maybe you8:31have an app on your phone and you buy8:34you can do that with your Bitcoin right8:35so there’s that option you can also buy8:37gift cards directly which I showed how8:39to do that in my Monero video coin cards8:41and other gift card options to be able8:43to buy with both Monero and Bitcoin8:45which is really good cake wallet had a a8:49swap in their system but they got shut8:51down because the bank got out of crypto8:53but there are other gray Market options8:55I’ll say gray market and again I talk8:57about some of those on the Privacy X8:58website in the tools where you guys can9:00use the hidden wiki on the dark web so9:02hidden wiki and dark web and there’s a9:04lot of gr Market cards you guys can9:05actually buy which is really good and9:06I’ve done a video on that like two years9:08ago a lot of people ask me these9:10questions on a regular basis look at my9:11catalog I’ve done hundreds of videos9:13showing you guys how to do thousands of9:14things that the average person doesn’t9:16realize it’s available to them so make9:17sure you’re checking out those videos9:19cuz they’re all still relevant every9:21pretty much every video on my channel is9:22still relevant and breaks down a lot of9:23that and uh you know it it shows the9:27steps to doing that but9:29this will allow you to get in and out of9:31both so cake wallet is valuable but so9:34is Exodus and I think cake wallet and9:36exodus are good options kind of your9:38gateway now Exodus is good because maybe9:40you want to get into other coins so9:42maybe you go from Monero to bitcoin to9:44xrp Monero to bitcoin to shibba enu9:48Monero to bitcoin to cardono Monero to9:52bitcoin to xlm I I can do this all day9:54long right but this gets you a clear9:57path in now as is there a clear path out10:00only through a ghost business and the10:02reason is there’s not a10:05reliable Marketplace to exit except for10:08a bank and you’re going to need a bank10:10or a trust now I talked about this10:11yesterday and we are still doing the10:13deal of yesterday you can check out get10:15ghosted the first 15 people I think we10:17still have about half the slots10:19available uh will get the advanced trust10:22as a bonus for signing up so check out10:23get ghosted you’ll be able to get in and10:26out we’ll structure everything crypto no10:28kyc crypto the advanced trust and the10:30full ghost program just for the price of10:32the ghost program right now so it is a10:34deal that I’ve never done and will never10:35be able to do again because I’m doing10:37this at a absolute loss at this point10:39but I’m trying to help as many people as10:41I can and like I said it’s going to be10:42the showcase for what we’re doing next10:44because we have some big moves coming10:46next year uh that’s why we’ve been10:48that’s why we’ve been doing this that’s10:49why I’ve been putting together the10:50newsletter so I can announce some of the10:52really big things we’re doing because10:54obviously the traditional internet is10:56about to die it’s about to die but10:58that’s a good thing that’s that’s a10:59thing that I want to happen I want web 211:01to die I want the current Internet to11:02die because there’s a bunch of really11:05really really big things to11:08be11:09revealed on web 3 that is coming not11:12just from privacy X but from a lot of11:15companies and this is why I’m so11:16passionate about the newsletter I know11:17you’re like oh you won’t shout about11:18your newsletter because it actually11:20allows me to tell you guys what’s11:22happening do you realize that I have had11:24to self censor myself about 14 times11:28already in this video because it’s not11:29possible and I don’t care what platform11:31people say oh Rumble Rumble sucks Rumble11:33with their public offering all that11:34stuff Rumble is no better none of these11:36nothing better Twitter is probably the11:38best of all of them and I do post a bit11:41on Twitter so make sure you follow me on11:42Twitter because that’s like the only11:43social media that has any level of11:45freedom in my opinion now it’s not11:47absolute freedom it’s not Freedom the11:48way that it should be but Twitter is11:50definitely the best so you can check me11:51out I got my Twitter in the description11:53I do post a lot of stuff on Twitter11:55because Twitter’s like 80% in Freedom11:57where where like most these sites are11:59like 20 maybe 30 at best but keep that12:04in mind and that’s why I’m so passionate12:05about that but yeah you can go from12:07local Monero into uh you know H having12:10your Monero on cake wallet on Exodus on12:12stealthy X doing a swap in a Bitcoin12:15using your Hardware a lot the problem a12:17lot of people have with this is then you12:18get stuck you get stuck and this is why12:21you need a ghost business to get you out12:22so you can get in and out of Fiat but12:25are you actually stuck no because you12:29can use this site and you can actually12:32go from Monero or Bitcoin to Gold this12:37is a phenomenal site that I have used12:39quite a few times that works really good12:41allows you to go from cash Monero to12:43bitcoin to gold and then from gold you12:47can go back to cash if you want to so12:49there’s a little loophole but this site12:51is under Fire and I do imagine at some12:54point they will probably go the way of12:57cake wallet’s card site12:59they are having issues they’ve been13:01slowed down but there is options like13:03this now there is four other options13:05that I’m not going to reveal on video13:07because I don’t want them to ever come13:09under attack for gold options but this13:11is one I had to give you one legitimate13:13one this is one that I’ve used and it13:14works really well you can buy gold and13:15silver in Bitcoin or Monero so that is a13:18way to do it completely anonymously but13:22also I talked about the TR drop mail13:24drop that way you don’t ever get13:25revealed through the mail system which13:28is very important but the other thing13:30you want to keep in mind13:32is well when you’re looking at the the13:36golden silver option you got to stay13:38under the $10,000 when you sell it so13:41you don’t have any paperwork which is13:42legal to do you don’t have to sell over13:4410,000 but it’s a hassle if we’re13:46talking larger sums of money this is why13:48ghost business is so important are they13:49ever going to close this loophole they13:51really can’t because not in the United13:53States they probably will in other13:55places you know depends on the law I13:56hope they don’t because that’s insane13:58but they are really clamping down on13:59people but this is a great option that14:01would actually work for you and would14:03actually provide a lot of benefit to be14:06able to get in and out this is a14:07question I get so much and I’ve touched14:09on these subjects but I just wanted to14:10put the pieces together in this video to14:12make sure you guys fully understand that14:14it is an option to actually buy things14:16it’s just not an option to get out14:17unless you go the route through gold and14:19silver or unless you utilize one of the14:22trusts that I was talking about in14:23yesterday’s video If you haven’t seen it14:24go check out yesterday’s video you’re14:26going to want to set up a trust like I14:28was talking about talked a lot about14:29trust lately because that’s kind of the14:31way everything is going because you have14:33to own nothing you have to control14:34everything if you look at the business14:36card about and look at the crypto14:37framework Bill I know it’s like 900 is14:40it 870 or 950 I there’s so many bills in14:43there always like 900 pages long but it14:46talks a lot about the carve outs for14:48trust and businesses provided the14:51structures properly on the ownership you14:53can’t just start a LLC put it in there14:55because it’ll pierce the corporate veil14:57and it’ll be it’ll be charged is a pass14:59through a lot of people have been saying15:00well I know that a regular LLC is a pass15:02through but what about an escort problem15:03with the escort paying yourself a salary15:06it’s going to be a reveal you’ll get15:10well depending upon how much money you15:12could almost feel like double taxed on15:13capital gains this is why I talking15:14about the holding company and the trust15:16to be able to restructure everything15:17because if you just do a simple LLC15:19you’ve you’ve gained nothing you’ve15:21gained nothing you’ve gained no15:22anonymity you’ve gained nothing not even15:24in New Mexico or Wyoming anymore if it’s15:25not structured properly this is why you15:27have to ghost it so I get these15:29questions all day every day I wanted to15:30kind of answer some of them in this15:31video so I can point to this video15:32because it’s very important you guys15:34start to actually understand this15:35because this stuff is actually coming15:36it’s actually starting to speed up a15:37little bit and next year is going to be15:39a pivotal year now I’m rooting for web15:41two to die and web 3 to take over but15:44we’ll have to see we’ll have to see15:45we’re building some stuff in the15:46background of privacy X there’s a lot of15:48other amazing companies in the Privacy15:50space that are building stuff that is15:51going to be really really cool and even15:54though the government wants to try to15:55fight some of this they want to kind of15:57make everyone a digital slave it’s just15:59not working it’s just not working and16:00we’re going to win the fight but you16:02have to take action if you want to win16:03you can’t just sit back in your barking16:04loucher and think you’re going to be16:06okay cu the people who do that are not16:07going to be okay one day you’re going to16:08wake up and your money is going to be16:09gone it’s going to be a cbdc and you’re16:11going to have a list of things that you16:13can or cannot spend it on and at that16:15point it’s too late I won’t be able to16:16help you nobody will be able to help you16:19and you will literally spend the rest of16:20your life as a slave you have no choice16:23you have no choice you won’t be able to16:24get in out of crypto you won’t be able16:26to use anything maybe you’ll be able to16:27use a little bit of pressure medals on a16:29black market living under a bridge but16:31it’s getting really bad that’s getting16:33biblical that I don’t care if you16:34believe in the Bible or not read the16:36Bible look what happened you’re like oh16:37my gosh was this book written thousands16:39of years ago hundreds of years ago I16:41don’t know when it was written bro but16:42it’s eerily similar and it’s not looking16:45good so regardless of your beliefs or16:48whatever you’re it doesn’t matter just16:50look up from the screen and realize16:52what’s going on and start taking action16:54because privacy is’s a right and it’s a16:55right that needs to be protected and if16:57you don’t protect it I don’t protect it16:58you can bet the governments that are all17:00coming after me will not protect it17:01under any circumstances but we’re going17:03to keep fighting them off because we17:05have to win we just literally simply17:08have no choice so appreciate you guys17:11checking out this video have an amazing17:12day and I’ll see you guys in the next17:13videoEnglish (auto-generated)