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FedCoin Coming Soon

FedCoin Coming Soon

Mark Of The Beast At Your Doorstep?

The Globalist Banking Cartel seems to be moving with surprising speed toward a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

George Gammon does a great job, as usual, in laying out the history of the origin of the Central Bank Structure.


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FedCoin Coming Soon

FedCoin Coming Soon


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Global Elites Plan To Take Control Of YOUR Money! (Revealed)

Apr 30, 2021

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As George’s psychologist, I am notifying the General public that George has no intention of writing any suicide notes or intentions of suicide
Sheelah K
Truth be known, the vast majority of us US citizens have no idea what the Central Bank is. So, I don’t think it is so much a matter of 99% of us not being able to see what is right in front of us but we don’t even realize there is something there to see at all! I am one of them, sad to say. Until I found your YT channel, I was COMPLETELY ignorant of all of this. It is not taught to us in school, our parents don’t talk to us about it (and probably don’t even realize what its importance is either, unfortunately, IF they even know what the heck it is!) so WHERE THE HECK WOULD WE BE EDUCATED ABOUT IT? There is so much in life to distract us and most of us are lucky if we can manage to work 40-60 hours/week, take care of our kids and try to stay healthy and focus on teaching our kids just the basics in life, never mind learning about all there is to know about how our Government is run and how it works-in DETAIL, how the Economy works, how to make our hard earned money work for us etc etc. THAT is why the Government can pull the wool over so many of our eyes. I am not saying it is OK to be so ignorant, but I am just explaining how it is so easy for them to control most of us. I am happy to say, I am no longer so happily ignorant–yet, I get overwhelmed by how much I still need to learn!

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Marc Rochefort
Oh Shit, stiff drink time. Watching before this disapeers into the black hole.
Demolition Man
Taking on the Fed and still alive. Congrats!
Bagd Biggerd
When a few men think they know best for the rest things always go down hill…
Funny how WW1 started right after the formation of the Fed at Jekyll Island 🧐
Mike Maloney’s series – hidden secrets of money also opens eyes to what is going on with the “money” supply
Fed coin and vax passport…yayyy just keeps getting better😨😨
So Mo
Its a controlled demolition. There, mystery solved.


Nancy Campbell
Some of the most important work being done in the world today is happening on this channel.


Isn’t it just so interesting that the CBDC plans starting rolling out around the time the kungflu started?
John Holmes
The feds always have a plan to enrich them self. When that plan pisses off the public, they will say, oops we made a mistake. I dont think they lost control at all.


Forza Drive
This needs sharing far a wide to all those willing to listen.
ethan coleman
Brutal. The truth is sometimes that way. Thank God we have people amongst us with their eyes open and pointed forward.


master white
Spread this around, wake up everyone, cause this is really happening


Shit Magnet
I’m so grateful to have someone like George putting out this information. I’ve learnt so much from him this past 18 months.


The central banks are the enemies of the World. Gr8 channel 👍


Donald MacLeay
“You’ve got me, who has you?” -Lois Lane


Haust Portelance
God bless you for all you do! 🙏


Ryan Cannella
thanks for taking action and sticking up for us clobber the Klaus! do a job on the schwab11


Jan Rohde
One Balance Sheet to rule them all, One Balance Sheet to find them, One Balance Sheet to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them, In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
Patty Moore
Thank you for the education into how this all ties in. This was a great video.


Googlebanmetoomuch 2
Saw that coming when they try to set a 40% cap gains tax and consider all crypto’s an asset
George radiates happiness. Shoutout to a true badass.


All I can say is that “The Road to Serfdom” is essential reading and … “I Love Mises to Pieces”.


There’s so much information to unpack that I’m gonna have to watch this again. Spot on though, George!


Isaac Palmquist
The Twenty is now my favorite fiat bill ! 😀 Best of luck on the law suit! .
Imagine how much more the public knows about the financial system today than ever before. I bet before the internet nobody knew a thing.
Fox Moulder
Curious how all these CB “mistakes” led to greater and greater concentration of power for 100 years straight.


Julien Stlaurent
Super video! I applauded for CA$5.00 👏👏


George I hope you’re planning to do a sidebar with VivaBarnes Law soon about the suit. They have already mentioned it.
I haven’t seen your video pop up in my feed in like a month, yet I used to watch every video of yours.


Michael Wilhelm
George, this was one of your best videos ever! Thank you.


Mikhael Horvath
God bless you, George! I love your brilliant mind, your ability to explain things in such a way that, after listening like 11 times I think I get most of it (that’s a sincere compliment – this stuff is complicated!), and your awesome sense of humour! Thank you for your passion in sharing your thoughts and analysis on these incredibly important matters.

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Cryptonium Fog
Running on the XRPL hopefully!


Michael Konrad
You’re starting to give Meet Kevin a run for his money…! How many uploads lately!?


Excellent! Thanks George


Tzun Zhu
Excellent Presentation George. Please watch also Century of Enslavement – The Corbett Report,and read Edward G Griffin – Creature From Jekyll island.


liam cosgrove
Part 1 history lesson was super interesting… keep those coming!

FedCoin Coming Soon

FedCoin Coming Soon