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Web 3.0 Is Next Step In Web Development

Web 3.0 Will Solve Many Problems With Web 2.0

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Why Web 3.0 Is The Next Logical Step?

Jan 2, 2021

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Matthew Matthew
The institutional establishments have no choice. Blockchain and decentralization is the inevitable future. Adapt or die.
Scott White
Elastos is the smart web of the future.


Ahmad Tufail
You sir are a legend!


Trent Rosier
Fantastic demonstration and explanation

Lin OVE3
Hello, is NDN inline with the polkadot ecosystem ?
James Sherrow
The protocols are still the same. You are limited by the hardware. Software and hardware to the 3.0 standards will require new protocols to interact with all technology. We still have a ways to go.
Modern Games
Subscribed bro . Could u make a list what should we learn to be a pioneer in this field
Sir Olaughalot
#Dont forget outliers as a standard to helping humanity.
Marc McRae
Hahahaaaa..WELL said..!! Blockchain doesn’t “care” abt these horrible old monoliths of control. Great video. Decentralized, zero trust is the future business community.
Ink Kin
Polygon MATIC will be the lifeblood of web3, invest to be part of the blockchain revolution.
basically like freenet
And than came CARDANO

Web 3.0 Is Next Step In Web Development

Web 3.0 Is Next Step In Web Development

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