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What Is The Structure Of The Crypto Market

What Is The Structure Of The Crypto Market

The Second Video In The Series Ties It All Together

Structure of Crypto Market? (Card House?) – Beginners’ Guide

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Crypto Casey

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This is the second video of a beginners’ guide where we will break down step-by-step how the traditional financial system is structured, how the cryptocurrency market is structured, what stablecoins are, their role in the cryptocurrency market, and why stablecoins will both drive massive global adoption of cryptocurrencies, while also potentially threatening mass global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our goal by the end of this video series is for us to understand the traditional financial system’s relationship with the cryptocurrency market, and if a crypto collapse can happen, how and when it could happen, and what we can do to protect ourselves as investors in the space.  VIDEO SUMMARY ======== 00:00 – Introduction 01:16 – The Structure of the Cryptocurrency Market 02:24 – What are Stablecoins? 04:04 – What is Liquidity? 05:01 – What is Tether? 06:40 – Tether’s Scandals 09:10 – Tether’s Underlying Reserve Assets 15:16 – Lack of Stablecoin Regulations 17:01 – User Agreements Regarding Stablecoins on Exchanges 19:27 – No FDIC Insurance on Stablecoins 20:40 – Stablecoin Auditors 21:23 – Stablecoin Underlying Reserve Asset Valuations 22:37 – Outro

What Is The Structure Of The Crypto Market

What Is The Structure Of The Crypto Market

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00:00is the cryptocurrency market a card00:02house that could collapse at any moment00:04and if so what’s underneath the card00:05house well if you tuned in to the first00:07video of this series we know00:09it may frightfully be yet another card00:11house00:12hello i’m cryptocasey and this is the00:14second video in a three-part series00:15where we will investigate whether or not00:17the cryptocurrency market as well as the00:19entire global financial system00:21is indeed on the verge of collapse this00:23is a beginner’s guide where we will00:25break down step by step00:26how the cryptocurrency market is00:28structured what stable coins are00:30their role in the cryptocurrency market00:32and why stablecoins will both drive00:34massive global adoption00:35of cryptocurrencies while also00:37potentially threatening mass adoption of00:39cryptocurrencies00:41our goal by the end of this video series00:42is for us to understand the traditional00:44financial systems00:45relationship with the cryptocurrency00:47market and if a crypto collapse can00:49happen00:50how and when it could happen and what we00:52can do to protect ourselves00:53as investors in this space if you00:55haven’t yet click on the link above to00:57check out the first video where we learn00:58about the structure of the financial01:00system01:00and how it’s the foundation upon which01:02the crypto markets currently operate01:04awesome let’s hit video two