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Tools For Altcoin Potential Analysis

Tools For Altcoin Potential Analysis

What If You Could Analyze An Altcoin Before Purchase?

#cryptocurrency #ethereum #altcoins

Low Cap Altcoin Gems w/ 1000x potential

20,121 views•Feb 18, 2021 


97.5K subscribers​ 👉 Token Sniffer top volume tokens:​ 👉 CoinGecko tag searching:​ 👉 Get access to the list of hot projects by going here:…0:00​​ This Is Your Brain On Blockchain 1:10​​ Join Our FREE Community! 2:00​​ 2 Hacks To Discover Crypto Moonshots 2:58​​ PancakeSwap (CAKE) 3:34​ 1inch (1INCH) 4:35​ Polkastarter (POLS) 4:55​ OriginTrail (TRAC) 5:43​​ Frontier (FRONT) 6:28​​ Vesper Finance (VSP) 6:44​ Bao Finance (BAO) 7:18​ Smartlands Network (SLT) 7:56​​ Support the channel 👫 Our Second Channel:​ 👫 Twitter:​ 👫 Instagram:…​ 👫 Facebook:​ ** Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than myself. The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and are not investing recommendations. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. #cryptocurrency#ethereum#altcoins


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Crypto Grizz

Commenting publicly as Crypto Grizz DJ Chahal

DJ Chahal

1 month ago

you should just do full time ASMR REPLY Bzy SLP


3 weeks ago (edited)

Wow. You hit on quite a few of my favorites. 1inch, Frontier, TRAC. Thank you for being about substance and not just shilling!!! A couple I like but do not have positions in as well like bao and polkastarter. You should do a video on unibright and morpheus network next. REPLY Mike Khlebas

Mike Khlebas

3 weeks ago

I don’t understand how to capitalize on it when there are always 10 new moonshot coins. Bank management just going bananas REPLYView reply from ReadySetCrypto Aaron Opdyke

Aaron Opdyke

3 weeks ago

Still the absolute G-ist intro of any channel. REPLYView 2 replies Chris Otis

Chris Otis

3 weeks ago

I wish you would do more of these like back in the day! REPLYView reply from ReadySetCrypto Graham Kaplan

Graham Kaplan

1 week ago

I keep coming back to this video because it’s the only place I’ve seen someone discuss SLT outside of the Smartlands Network team. I got in on the coin right before it took off, and then I found this video, and doubled down on SLT. Any chance you’d do an in-depth follow-up review on ST in the near future?REPLY Kengin


1 month ago

The intro track is the best REPLYView reply Łepek 1

Łepek 1

1 month ago

Champ of research 💪 thank You Sir. REPLYView reply from ReadySetCrypto Kobus Vosloo

Kobus Vosloo

3 weeks ago

Im still in your Neo, Ark, ect pick from 2017 




1 month ago

Another awesome video! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the community. What do you guys think about AGI for a long term hold? Seems like it could be a big return if the tech really takes off, if being the key though REPLYView 2 replies from ReadySetCrypto and others TIGERJS


3 weeks ago

TRAC has been a good hold 👍 REPLY KE


1 month ago

Welcome back to the ALTs. Nice to see you covering TRAC in your video. REPLYView reply from ReadySetCrypto Krishna Tharun

Krishna Tharun

1 month ago

I just went back to 2017 for a few seconds ❤️ REPLYView reply bazanster2


1 month ago

Some really great coins on that list. Thanks. Some really high quality video’s with great scenery. Like Cargox long term, it’s going to take a while but like what it’s trying to do. Been pumping recently. REPLYView reply from ReadySetCrypto The Stone

The Stone

1 month ago

Cool. Cool. When I was brand new to crypto, I basically built my portfolio around Mav’s picks. Icon, Neo, Ontology, Elastos, VeChain etc. I don’t know what I’m missing, but I haven’t seen any of the major crypto YouTubers (including this channel) talking about Sora. What’s up with that? It seems like it’s the next beast REPLYView reply lordoflordz7


1 week ago

smartlands is the way to go…thanks for covering them man and keep up the good work!REPLY Sérgio Gonzaga

Sérgio Gonzaga

1 month ago

Can you do a video on FRONT please? And thanks for mentioning it, but there is so much more to it 🙂 keep up the good work! ✌️ REPLYView reply from ReadySetCrypto luiz gustavo moraes nogueira

luiz gustavo moraes nogueira

3 weeks ago

Great video, thanks! Have a look at ECOMI $OMI NFT. its a gem awakening! REPLYView 2 replies Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia

1 month ago

$unn, $hakka, $pond this are gems 💎 undervalued REPLYView reply from ReadySetCrypto Crebs Park

Crebs Park

3 weeks ago


Tools For Altcoin Potential Analysis

Tools For Altcoin Potential Analysis