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How To Day Trade Crypto Altcoins

How To Day Trade Crypto Altcoins

A Technique To Use For Finding The Best Crypto Altcoins For Day Trading

These are some solid day trading strategies for Altcoin Cryptocurrencies.

Our thanks to Koroush AK for allowing the repost of this video.

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Find the Best Altcoins to Day Trade (2021 Tutorial)

19,039 views•Feb 2, 2021 

Koroush AK

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SUBSCRIBE📉►FTX Crypto Exchange:​ In this video, Koroush provides a step by step tutorial on how to trade altcoins for beginners. He show you what he looks for through technical and fundamental analysis when deciding what altcoins to trade and gives you multiple examples of altcoin trade setups. 🌍Join Our Community ► Newsletter:​ ► Podcast:…​ ► Twitter:​ ► Telegram:…​ 📉  ► Technical Analysis Tutorial Course for Beginners:…​ ► Margin Trading Tutorial:…​ ► Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency:…​ 🕒 Timestamps Introduction (0:00​) Types of Altcoin Traders (1:40​) Altcoins Technical Analysis (2:28​) Altcoins Fundamental Analysis (8:13​) Putting it All Together (9:07​) Example Altcoin Trade (10:26​) Conclusion (12:30​) Disclaimer: None of the information communicated in this video is financial advice, I am not a financial advisor and this information is for entertainment purposes only. !IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER FOR ALL UK VIEWERS! The sale of derivative products referencing cryptocurrency assets to retail consumers has been banned in the UK commencing on 6th January 2021. As such some of the products and services seen in this video may not be available for use within your geographical location. #altcoins#daytradingforbeginners#crypto


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1 month ago

Koroush is an absolute hero for new investors REPLYView reply Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson

1 month ago

Love the like button worked into the conversation … makes me smile every time!! REPLYView 2 replies John Owein

John Owein

6 days ago

Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this year 2021 Because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionairesREPLYView 30 replies John Dough

John Dough

1 month ago

Subbed, largely because you’re the only person I’ve seen who has correctly pointed out “buy high and sell higher”.REPLY imran khan

imran khan

1 month ago

bro honestly your actually a legend, i listen to a handful of people and your someone who constantly provides epic content REPLYView reply stenlypoks


1 month ago

Wow! You are THE BEST! A Really straight to the point video. Keep up the good work, Koroush! REPLYView 2 replies from Koroush AK and others Jim Jest

Jim Jest

1 month ago

I cannot put into words how valuable all your content is. Every video is a must watch. Coupled with how entertaining and brilliantly edited they are too, it’s a highlight of my day. Thankyou REPLYView reply YNG ROT


1 month ago

while i go in and out multiple different positions REPLY entpguy


2 weeks ago

Good stuff, Special K!REPLYalmoody6872


3 weeks ago

I’ve been doing a lot of studying and technical analysis, and I can tell you that this man certainly knows what he’s talking about. 


REPLY  Prod. Mar

Prod. Mar

1 month ago

Love the videos, providing so much info! REPLYTJ Ferone

TJ Ferone

1 month ago

would love a video on SRM thanks!REPLYMatthew Paquette

Matthew Paquette

1 month ago

yesss I’ve been trading sushi all week because of you! REPLYView reply StevePureTKD


1 month ago

An SRM video would be awesome :)! Also super helpful video once again, thank you Koroush! REPLYView 2 replies from Koroush AK and others Maryam Nkiru

Maryam Nkiru

2 weeks ago

U r so smart ! Of all I watch in YouTube u r the only one that is realizable !! REPLY Ola Joey

Ola Joey

2 days ago

BUY HIGH SELL HIGHER you’re a genius thanks for sharingREPLY Lumbung Natural

Lumbung Natural

1 month ago

Yes, please do the vid on serum. REPLY View 2 replies from Koroush AK and others samkele nibe

samkele nibe

2 weeks ago

New here! just subscribed.REPLY Fedej 182

Fedej 182

1 month ago

Bro u rock !!!!! i’ve changed my life since i decide to follow u REPLYView reply Sandy Arango

Sandy Arango

1 month ago

Great video thank you! Would love to hear more about serum in a video! REPLYView reply Luke Mayer

Luke Mayer

1 month ago

I just got into the crypto trading world. I was recommended to you by a friend and am very grateful for everything you go over. Thank you! REPLYView 2 replies from Koroush AK and others OHM-968692


1 month ago

> “They avoid a lot of the sh*t coins that other exchanges put on” > 9th place: DOGE CoinREPLYView 2 replies Redbulpro


1 month ago

Tip: master the skill of clicking the like button. REPLYView reply mahmoud abdelgelil

mahmoud abdelgelil

1 day ago (edited)

and i am sure you choose coin about the supply of it and maybe some little the idea of the project, god why should i choose srm and let Solana the bigREPLY Lisa Donovan

Lisa Donovan

3 weeks ago

Great video ! You mentioned the volume was low in serum what volume range do you consider optimum ?REPLY Hansa


1 month ago

Thanks Koroush, really appreciate your videos. I am a newbie so I am very grateful. REPLYView reply Thảo Trần

Thảo Trần

1 day ago

I don’t see how to use the technical analysis to find the coin and also how to find the entry and exit point . More detail please !!!REPLY mahmoud abdelgelil

mahmoud abdelgelil

1 day ago

always man when you advise someone to use something and don’t use always say why, why should choose Ftx although I pay low fees on Binance I know there a lot of features on Ftx but maybe you know something that I don’t knowREPLY Gerardo Deloera

Gerardo Deloera

1 month ago

Thanks Koroush for everything you do for us! I’ve been following you for a while now and have learned so much. A lot of respect for you!!REPLYView reply C G


1 month ago

I really don’t subscribe to anything. I am subscribing to this channel! REPLYView reply Jeremias Nassif

Jeremias Nassif

1 week ago

you are the best!!!! can you make a tutorial on how to enter a trade with an automatic buy and sale order with a stop loss ? (how to actually put the order in the platform binance,phemax,ftx)REPLYNacho CI

Nacho CI

1 month ago (edited)

Respect the pump! Please that Serum video REPLYView reply Callum McDonald

Callum McDonald

2 days ago

My man is a genius.REPLY blackpearl13


1 month ago

🔥 REPLYView reply crypto2021 CRYP

crypto2021 CRYP

1 month ago

take a look at : VeChain (VET), Travala (AVA), FunFair (FUN) and Coti – tremendous potential to these projectsREPLYView 2 replies Chris Pap

Chris Pap

1 month ago

Great tutorial as always… but should we focus on crypto/usd pairs or on crypto/btc? Thanks in advance

How To Day Trade Crypto Altcoins

How To Day Trade Crypto Altcoins

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