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Govt Buys BIG For DATA Social Credit Score Rollout

Govt Buys BIG For DATA Social Credit Score Rollout

Govt Buys BIG For DATA Social Credit Score Rollout

Say Goodbye To Internet Privacy !!!

We just found this channel and so far it is exactly in line with what we do. We will be following

How To Hide Assets From The New Social Credit Score




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Govt Buys BIG For DATA Social Credit Score Rollout


Govt Buys BIG For DATA Social Credit Score Rollout


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i got a question for you and i’m

wondering if you’ve got an answer for me

why are

the federal governments in the united


the european governments australian

governments and canadian governments

just to name a few

buying up data collection firms why are

we in a position where federal

governments are utilizing shell

companies sell i say ghost companies oh

why are they using these companies

to buy up

privacy technology like some of your


vpn brands

private internet access

nordvpn a lot of these other vpns why

are they buying up different vpns

companies who own companies who own

companies why are

they trying to ban

encryption why are

they coming after internet privacy why


they putting new rules in big tech

companies most notably apple who

pretends to be a privacy company

we all know that they’re not but why are

they coming after these companies and

trying to get them to turn over

user data why are they putting new


in a lot of these apps and other

companies and technologies that we all

use why are

even in things like cameras

they utilizing

fact this is really notable in gopro

being able to access

the footage on some of these cameras

because they’re not encrypted and

they’re able to be remote accessed why


the new phone and data privacy laws

becoming lacks when it comes to

government and government agencies even

three to four times as lack as the

famous patriot act why are we seeing

governments famously like in canada with

justin trudeau saying we’re going to go

after your bank we’re going to go after

your ability to feed yourself we’re

going to go after your employment we’re

going to take your trucker’s license why


these governments rounding up people who

own land why are all of the governments

putting people who own crypto on lists

why okay okay okay they’re doing a lot

more things than that but today

in operation

going ghost we’re going to talk about

why the federal government is buying a

lot of these technologies and a lot of

these data collection firms for not just

a social credit score but other reasons

let’s get it


wouldn’t you know it

the government is doing nefarious

activities again

you know most notably as you can see

here they’re buying a bunch of data

collection firms now we know they’re

trying to usher in the social credit

score the good thing about the social

credit score is you’ve got the

components so what do they need for a

social credit score there’s a few things

they need one thing they need is they

need something to drive it home they

need the juice they need the power what

is the power

well it’s 5g

now we’ve seen 5g roll out at a massive

scale because of the

signal strength and the ability for 5g

to actually transfer the data in the

internet of things which is the era that

we’re in and i mentioned cameras what

about all these home speaker systems

that i wouldn’t recommend if i had a

worst enemy i don’t i need to get a

worst enemy if i had a worst enemy i

wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy


i think i’m just too busy liking

everyone you know so i just i don’t have

a worst enemy if you got a worst enemy

let me know down below and i’ll make

them my worst enemy and i wouldn’t even

wish these technologies these home

speakers and these voice things on them

i don’t use any of the series or the

googles or the alexas or any of these

other goofy things

not a good idea but more than that more

than that

the collection has already begun now the

good thing is misinformation

disinformation which is obviously

something i teach my clients in my ghost

program going ghost is vital not more

than ever it seems like every day you

look at what the government doing and

the pieces are coming together the

puzzle is taking shape for decades they

had the corner pieces and a few inside p

they’re filling this puzzle in quickly


this is a serious problem and it’s

something that i recommend all of you

look at if you want to learn how to go

step by step with my team and myself

share the first thing down below because

it’s something that’s going to be vital

in your life moving forward i can assure

you that way you can take part in the

best parts of web3 decentralize

blockchain technology utilizing things

like monero or pirate chain but actually

incorporating them in technologies to

keep your privacy anonymity security

doesn’t that sound great being able to

utilize these technologies to add value

to your life your family’s life your

business life yeah that’s the future

that i see that’s the future that

privacy x we’re fighting for and we’ll

continue to fight for till the very end

and we will win

at least in small fashions i guarantee

it but

unfortunately the masses the sheeple the

people that used to be people are going

for the government centralized who wants

that who wants central banks that i mean

just by the very i mean do you

understand words

do you understand how words work just by

the definition of these words central


you don’t want it one world religion one

world government one world bank one

world currency

oh yeah that sounds fantastic doesn’t it

to no one

ever under any circumstances now

utilizing the social credit score and

utilizing the

utilizing what’s available to the

average person

understanding that you need to get your

information out of the system over the

coming months and years is going to be

vital because it’ll be cemented in web

3. the cool thing about web3 is you can

have basically unlimited forks which

makes it so it’s unable to be controlled

in the same way that it’s able to be

controlled now

now you can use companies like i use

1984 hosting for a lot of my

crypto stuff and when i run some

different virtual servers there’s a lot

of good hosting companies you can use

different web companies you could use

unstoppable websites you could do uh

blockchain sites you could do dot onion

some people will do dot onion sites i

don’t think that’s necessarily the way

of the future personally but there’s a

lot of different directions you can go

and as a blockchain comes in but

the federal government is trying to fork

it one way to the to you know this way

and and the people should be trying to

build their fork this way right going

against the grain going against all this

central bank central control we just had

elizabeth warren come out recently and

say that uh bitcoin needs to be stopped

and i quote bitcoin needs to be stopped


russia is using bitcoin to circumvent


the audacity of these people to think

that they have the right to just do

whatever they want to people and that

how dare you go against our command and

our rule

at what point are we going to stop

letting a couple thousand people control

the lives of billions

i digress last thing i need is another

video removed based on uh

big tax

corporate control so that being the case

you know where i’m going with that you

know in your mind if you’re watching

this video you already know where you’re

going with that most people

understand where we’re going but don’t

fully understand the

what to do they get they get overwhelmed

because the fact is you’ve got a family

you’ve got friends hopefully you’ve got

people you know maybe you’ve got a

business or a job maybe you’ve got a

career maybe you got a spouse and

kids maybe you’ve got things going on in

your life maybe you got a hobby maybe

you’re fly fishing this weekend or

making something out of uh crochet right

you’re doing what you do and so to have

to fight for your freedom all the time

is just

ridiculous but

that’s the world we live in that’s the

world we live in freedom is not free but

freedom takes effort consistently

because there’s always people who want

to be able to take your freedom on a

regular basis because it benefits them

now you may have seen elon musk recently

bought twitter which i would call

all right i digress for the second time

i got to try to stay on track everyone

who watches my videos knows that staying

on track is not my strong point okay if

you’re looking for somebody to go step

by step by step you’re watching the

wrong channel okay i go into the rabbit

holes of what’s actually going on i’m

not looking to you know teach you a

tutorial on how to buy a vpn or how to

slang some new

pump and dump crappy crypto products

there’s plenty of channels that will do

that for you and i wish you the best but

you know talking about what’s happening

so you can figure out how to protect

yourself and your family in my opinion


vital it is incredibly vital and i wish

more people were doing it especially in

the crypto community the technology

community the privacy

community i wish more people were were

taking action on a regular basis we are

getting more

tools and resources at our disposal

coming available which is really cool

but the government is kind of speeding

up this process with the bills that

they’re jamming through congress and

some of the stuff that’s happening now i

think we’re going to see a shift in the

world reserve currency and i’m going to

be doing two dedicated videos on exactly

what i think is going to happen and i

doubt most of you think

the same way i think but based on a lot

of information and a lot of research and

talking to a lot of people in reasonably

high levels i mean it’s not like i have

access to the fed or the president

although i wouldn’t wouldn’t really want

to anyway but but talking to a lot of

people and going through this i i i’ve

got some ideas of where we’re headed

with the world reserve currency i don’t

think anybody is shocked to hear that

it’s not going to be the dollar


the dollar’s dying in rapid succession

but there is some things that will be

changing and i think it’s going to be

interesting so starting to prepare

yourself how are you preparing yourself

for the change in the guard because the

dollar if it leaves it’s going to

simultaneously drastically impact

canada australia and europe most notably

the uk but europe in general and also

countries worldwide

asia is going to get hit probably the

hardest probably the hardest will be

asia second only to the u.s obviously in

canada because we’re closely tied i mean

u.s literally is the dollar so that’s

that’s what our government ties all of

their power and all of their policy too

so with them buying all these firms

starting to get your information out is

vital now i did this video talking about

doing credit freezes and i strongly

recommend you guys look into that if you

haven’t already in my ghost program we

go much much much deeper

in how to become an actual ghost how to

take your information out of the system

how to structure a life to where

you don’t ultimately end up in the web 3

system how to

be able to exist

okay how to be able to exist in the

shadows but live in the light right so

put your life and your identity under

encryption under the quote-unquote

shadows and i’m not talking nefarious

shadows i’m talking about protected

shadows but still exist in the light

it’s the same way i’m able to be here on

social media people are like oh your

privacy oh yeah right well the reality

is i’ve structured my entire life and my

entire business to a point where you

know it would take pretty much an act of

congress to unwind everything that i’ve

done and i’ve just used the laws and the

rules and regulations to my benefit it’s

the same thing i do for my clients at

privacy x you can check that down below


more than that what i recommend you do

is start thinking about your plan and


chipping away your plan piece by piece

because utilizing a phone number that’s

connected to your name an address that’s

connected to your name

getting mail that’s connected to your

name not running things through a

business is insane at this point not

taking advantage of corporate law the

only law that any of these governments

respect is insane i mean you’ve seen

what how many business banks

were attacked in the freedom convoy

versus how many personal banks what they

did was they started shutting off

personal banking and then people pivot

to crypto and the government says crypto

is the demon crypto is evil crypto needs

to be regulated crypto needs to be

controlled crypto needs to be

centralized because they lose their

control right so coming up with a plan

where you can structure your life that’s

why i’ve been doing some videos talking

about monero and why you should look at

using other coins to structure your life

the pirate chain secret network monero

you know a lot of people are talking

about some other privacy coins i did a

video here talking about my top five

favorite privacy coins you could check

that out but really structuring these

things is vital in my opinion let me

know what you’re doing down below

appreciate you guys checking out this

video go on everything you do make sure

you’re taking action for your privacy

and continuing to fight for your rights

that you have i mean think about it i

know we just live in this world but

who are these politicians who are these


in there in a people

these people would be literally shining

your boots okay these people you’ve got

to be out of your

because we live in a civilized society

which i’m happy about

these people have power these people are

your great great uncle these people are

the guy down the street that guy who

struggles to get the fertilizer out of

the back of his truck these people are

literally nursing home escapees right

and yet you give them maximum like god

mode power

look at justin trudeau and tell me you

want to give that guy

look at joe biden look at these leaders

right here these are world leaders right

here you telling me you want to give

these people

god mode access to your life really

nah dude no


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