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Black Rock And What They’re Not Telling You

Black Rock And What They’re Not Telling You

Max Keiser Discusses The Coming End Of Dollar

Max Keiser makes a good point about the coming BlackRock Bitcoin ETF. When you hold Bitcoin in an ETF you don’t hold the asset itself, only a piece of paper. The best and safest way to hold Bitcoin is in a cold hardware wallet.

What They’re NOT Telling You About BlackRock And Bitcoin – Max Keiser Bitcoin

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7 days ago

2 subscribersIt’s been quite a pump. But you know, with crypto, the big question is always when to take profits. What are your thoughts on that? I’ve been holding $250k worth of crypto since 2021 and seen it pump n dump  @mariatyler4753


7 days ago

70 subscribers✊The video is packed with valuable information and actionable advice, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to take their finances to the next level. You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn from a true genius in the world of money.  @LoganJorgensenn


14 minutes ago

4 subscribersI think it is more likely for BTC, & ETH to retest the resistance to the upside and then move lower. But as always, things change on a daily basis and all we can do is to trade responsibly and keep track of the markets and re-evaluate our strategies frequently. I want to thank you Johnson Nikon For being my source of crypto education,  @iancrouse4007


6 days ago

13 subscribersAgreed. What accelerated the fall of the commercial real estate market was COVID-19 and how companies saw that large offices weren’t needed.  @josephhughes9583


8 days ago

1 subscribersI’m under pressure to grow my reserve that currently holds about $200k. I’m down by 20% already following the crash and I fear I could lose more.  @Windarti30


8 days ago

19 subscribersIn my opinion, a housing market crash is imminent due to the high number of individuals who purchased homes above the asking price despite the low interest rates. These buyers find themselves in precarious situations as housing prices decline, leaving them without any equity. If they become unable to afford their homes, foreclosure becomes a likely outcome. Even attempting to sell would not yield any profits. This scenario is expected to impact a significant number of people, particularly in light of the anticipated surge in layoffs and the rapid increase in the cost of living.  


6 days ago

2 subscribersMax is one of the world’s top proponents of bitcoin, I have followed him for years, he has a moral backbone  


11 days ago

83 subscribersA year ago Max was the one calling for $100-250k bitcoin and laughed at those saying it was way overbought. He was flat out wrong and we went into a bear market. I like Max but let’s be real, he’s a BTC maxi and is wrong often. He may be onto something here though. Everyone is already saying the ETF is a sure thing so some of that hopetimism is already priced. As the globe collapses tons of money isn’t going to rush into crypto or ANY market, the world will horde cash or have no extra investing money.  


10 days ago

3 subscribersGreat to see Max again  


11 days ago

5 subscribersthey will use the etf to get retail to buy which initially will pump. then once small retail all start buying the etf they will take the usd and crash it right down.  


11 days ago

8 subscribersVery good to see you again Max, do not forget us.  


8 days ago

1 subscribersThey’re first move will be to put their fingers on Bitcoin’s scale to cause Bitcoin to fall before they buy-in. Only Black Rock would do this, as they probably do with the precious metals markets  


11 days ago

5 subscribersThis is what you get when criminals are allowed to remain free to carry out their crimes with NOTHING to fear from the justice system. Expect worse.  


7 days ago

39.5K subscribersBTC will hit a new ATH spring of next year. I think Solana running to ATHs next year will be a big driver for the entire Solana ecosystem. I think it could be argued that there will be big potential growth through 2024, starting in spring. If we look at previous bull runs we see 100bil dump in major top 5 projects over the span of 1 year. With halving coming and there consistently be exponential growth algorithmically compared to the prior bull runs, I think 400-500 is conservative. Another note would be to look at the growth Solana has had this year alone in the ecosystem. Its had like 2.8mil% growth across the chain. Considering how much newer Solana is compared to eth and btc’s run I think one can be tempted to say 400-500 is realistic. Now, if we see Grayscale trust coop’d by ex Goldman Sach members then we will see some crazy volatility. Oh, not financial advice. Cheers

Black Rock And What They’re Not Telling You

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