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Freedom fighters have always had reason to fear the tyrant they stood in opposition to; America’s founding fathers had much more serious consequences to fear than today’s patriots have. But they stood and fought and won their freedom anyway, and every generation since then has enjoyed the blessings of freedom because of it.

Those who preach cowardice in the face of a growing tyranny would like us to forget that while action has consequences, inaction has consequences too. And the trail of oppression, slavery, and blood left by tyrants throughout history makes all too clear just what those consequences are.

Say you are in a gunfight and you have gotten behind a big rock. The rock is bulletproof so you are safe from your enemy’s bullets, but you can not shoot back at your enemy, or even look at him, without exposing yourself to his fire at least a little bit. But you fear violence so much you decide to cower safely behind your rock.

And your rock keeps you safe. But only until your enemy moves in on you and comes around the rock, and then suddenly you find yourself looking down the barrel of his gun. Then the last thing you see is a muzzle flash. And that’s if you’re lucky; if you are unlucky, you become the slave of someone who hates you.

So how much good did cowering behind the rock do? If you had exposed yourself just enough to return fire you would have had a very good chance of saving your life. So ultimately your cowardice was what caused you to fall victim to the thing you thought your cowardice would protect you from.

Cowardice is a self-defeating strategy my friends. And this applies very much to the war being waged against America now by a very real enemy.

America is the land of the free because it’s the home of the brave. This is not just words from a line in our national anthem; it’s a reminder of what America is and why: the home of the coward will not long remain the land of the free, and history makes clear that the loss of freedom has extremely severe consequences.

It’s time American patriots wake up and realize this.