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What Is The Next Crisis

What Is The Next Crisis

This Video Will Give You Some Good Ideas

We just discovered Computing Forever. Very sharp guy.


First published at 18:05 UTC on November 19th, 2020.
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CategoryNews & Politics
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  • GaltSmith

    “Sophisticated Propaganda Techniques” means witchcraft, sorcery, and brainwashing. They own all the high ground. They are warning of the “10 Days of Darkness”… which will last much longer for their enemies.



    Digital Vaccine? Fuck Off!

  • jlindsay
  • Ohgun

    The curtailers of our freedoms need to start getting killed off at this point.


    When a german is warning about evil shit coming…..he will be the one committing the evil. History repeats via germans & communists & muslims.



    CASH IS KING IN A GRID DOWN SCENARIO. They are going to launch a cyber attack, while trying to convince us to adopt a digital currency? I think these people may be retarded…



    No offence here, but if you genuinely think THEY are “retarded” that just shows YOU are retarded They arent making a “misjudgement” they are explaining a DELIBERATE PLAN They KNOW all of the downsides, but those downsides dont affect THEM, only the other 99% of people which is WHY they want to do it

  • Sirboss19

    The reality is that in epidemic you cannot use contact tracers in epidemic in community spread

  • Garyfox141061
  • Garyfox141061

    The giant global lie just carries on because we “think” Christmas is so important, yet our very livelihoods are dwindling away, second by second. …

  • jessroset

    Hmm supposedly Russia had hacked into solarwinds several months ago and they have access to a bunch of government and personal data….. Was it the Russians though? I think there has been hacking in europe too…. Hmmmmmm!!!

  • Slap_Fight

    Hacks don’t usually happen directly over the internet because servers are all protected by firewalls. Software doesn’t do anything but what it is programmed to do so, when a firewall has leaks, it’s only because they are ‘drilled’ in by sloppy or malicious network programmers, poorly secured remote software update servers, or infected apps.

  • AgeOfIdolizedIdiocy

    Only adds to his overall image that he has the stereotypical evil German movie villain thick accent, lol

  • ChesterRockwell

    What other criminal can brag about planning a crime, and not get instantly arrested? Bond Villain didn’t even use hypotheticals in his confession! Came out, and said it WILL happen! How is that NOT conspiracy to commit a felony?

  • Common_Sense

    The open internet is the biggest threat to these globalist.. despite the revenues.. But like with Google and YT losing 70 billion in ad revenues, killing it will be worth it… they have enough money



    I admit, as a German, I feel a little pride in how we Germans can still create the best movie villains. Klaus Schwab is like the prototype for Dr. Evil or a classical Bond villain. Well maybe he’s a little bit too much of a cliché for a Bond villain, but with a naked cat and a monokel, he’d be the perfect Dr. Evil.

  • covid19horseshit

    Klaus needs to be looking the barrel when you say…….Why Klaus ? You have 10 seconds…….



    It’s because the earth’s resources are limited, and we are reproducing too quickly…People(especially women), would NEVER give up their reproductive rights, willingly…

    we all love klaus? why would this sweet 82 year old want to enslave us all? hell be dead soon.


    Cyber Covid. I love it. It would totally work on the masses too.



    Why is a Bond villain giving a speech at the world economic forum?



    Social Credit | 1984=Today ?fd34dsa


    Dr evil….I want to cut his paedophile lungs out and feed them to him

    big white dog

    The Covid vaccine: It’s not a vaccine, it’s not even medicine. This is to destroy all currencies because of the de-dollarization world wide. The chip will allow for globalists to have a digital currency that will interact with the chip in each person and will give them total control of each person in his/her environment. Catherine Austin Fitts describes it in detail.



    You should know that israel controls the cybersecurity for 80 countries as well as having written the software for all of the digital currencies.



    Caucasian Jewry again


    anyone else notice how the map looks so similar to the islamic/jew crescent and star????



    Stupid bitch ! chi … with a a Russian name you have shat on your birth ( Family ) ,, stupid BIRCH !~

  • martinrudling

    Create a global elite execution list where we vote for the legal extermination coming up, of people with power and known unpunished crimes. When billions of people have signed it, it will be “legal” and probably a bit disturbing.



    I honestly don`t think this Klaus bloke is the real focus\threat. He`s far too stereotyped. I mean look and listen to him. Beady eyes, dodgy face, bald, talks in a heavy German accent. I mean, you could stick him in a Hollywood movie and EVERYONE would know he`s the villain. It`s like they chose him [show more]

    • Aaron Lopez.

      100%. Came out nowhere and in stereotypical form. Except he is a jew, not a German.Case closed.

      What Is The Next Crisis

      What Is The Next Crisis

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