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Unstoppable Domains And How To Create Them

Unstoppable Domains And How To Create Them

Unstoppable Domains And How To Create Them

Create Uncensorable Websites

Blockchain domain names exist only in the blockchain and cannot be controlled or seized by force

Blockchain domain names act as a regular crypto wallet

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Unstoppable Domains

How to Create .Crypto Domain Websites

So what are the Unstoppable blockchain Domains and Uncensorable Websites?

Unstoppable Domains or just Blockchain domain names are like regular domains, such as .com and .org. However, the main difference is, unlike with regular domains that are controlled by the international ICANN corporation, can be seized and shut down by the government, Blockchain domain names exist only in the blockchain and cannot be controlled or seized by force.

Instead, the Blockchain domain names act as a regular crypto wallet, only a person with a private key can access and control the domain name. Blockchain Domains give power back to people just like Bitcoin does.

Essentially Blockchain Domain does two main things.

  1. It helps to simplify cryptocurrency transactions using human-readable addresses.
  2. It can be used to create decentralized uncensorable websites that exist on the blockchain.

So what are human-readable addresses?

Human readable addresses make it possible for users to send and receive coins without having to remember long strings of numbers and letters. Instead, users can use simple domains such as bitshills.crypto to receive all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others in one unified address.

The idea drastically simplifies sending and receiving cryptocurrencies while simultaneously protects user privacy.

What are decentralized uncensorable websites?

On top of simplifying transactions, blockchain domain names can be used to create uncensorable decentralized websites that are immune from government interference. To create permanently hosted website blockchain domains use something called IPFS, which makes it possible to spread files across multiple locations in a decentralized fashion, similar to BitTorrent. So even if one server is taken down the content will still be accessible.

Getting started with Blockchain Domains.

Unstoppable Domains - Cart

To get started you first need to visit the Unstoppable Domain website, and obtain the blockchain domain. There are two ways you can do this, either by free claiming protected brand names like facebook.crypto, and bitshills.crypto. The second way is to purchase your very own unique blockchain domain from an open market.

Note that only verified brand owners can free claim these protected domain names.

Unstoppable Domains - Protected Brands

After you have obtained (.crypto) domain and you can see it in your account, you’ll need to claim the ownership of the domain so that it belongs to only you.

To do this you will have to connect your unstoppable domains account with metamask and sign the domain with your public key.

Pending Claim

Once the domain is claimed using Ethereum public keys, you will be able to verify the domain through blockchain and it becomes manageable.


After you have claimed the ownership and can manage the domain, you’ll be able to directly control witch cryptocurrency addresses it is connected with, and you can also add a permanent email to the domain that will become visible on the blockchain.

Note that cryptocurrency addresses connected to the blockchain domains are on the front end hidden from the public, however, someone viewing the blockchain itself can reveal the separate cryptocurrency addresses the domain is identified with.

On top of BTC, ETH, ZIL, and LTC blockchain domain can also be connected to over 50+ different cryptocurrencies such as BNB, DASH, XRM, and ZEC.

Add Cryptocurrency Addresses

At the time of writing, there are at least over 14 different cryptocurrency wallets that can be used to send and receive different cryptocurrencies using human-readable blockchain domain addresses. And of course, more are constantly being implemented as the public becomes more aware of the possibilities of this technology.

Blockchain domain wallets
Unstoppable Domains

Blockchain domain can drastically help users when sending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because you will only require one name for all of your wallets. Sending cryptocurrencies, therefore, becomes much like sending a simple email message.

The technology can even eliminate the need for QR code scanning since reading those is not always 100 percent accurate either.

Censorship-resistant decentralized websites

Unstoppable Domains don’t just help the general public to manage and interact with different cryptocurrencies more easily, but they are also highly interested in providing censorship-resistant decentralized websites.

While traditional websites are stored and operated on your behalf by multiple corporations such as ICANN, Google and so on, censorship-resistant websites are completely owned and controlled by the owner of the domain.

However, just like cryptocurrencies, this brings great responsibility for the end-user, because no one, not law enforcement or even Unstoppable Domains can control or seize access to the content of the domain without having first access to the private keys.

This also means that the information and content of the domain remain private to the extent of the owner choosing to give away information. Basically, with the right management, it is possibly very hard to track an individual behind the data website provides.

Launching a decentralized website

To get started with launching a decentralized website is fairly simple, all you need is the blockchain domain and a website with content on it.

You will then upload the website content in HTML format on IPFS using a service like Pinata.

Once you have uploaded the content on Pinata you can grab the hash of the HTML content and bring it on the Unstoppable Domains, then confirm the changes with a simple transaction.

You can view websites and different content on IPFS from Viewblock.

Unstoppable Domains - IPFS

So Should you get Unstoppable Domains?

Blockchain Domains certainly have brought a new interesting idea to the surface being able to easily send and receive cryptocurrencies, and host decentralized websites on the blockchain definitely have its advantages.

On top of this Unstoppable Domains have recently announced that they did secure US$4 million in funding led by The Draper Associated and Boost VC, one of the major blockchain and cryptocurrency market movers.

However, Unstoppable Domains as an organization probably won’t be the only one working on this, and it’s hard to predict the future, you never know which projects get adopted beforehand. That being said, at very least having your own unique domain that no one can seize from you is worth investigating, because having control over your own life is always admirable.

Get .crypto Blockchain Domain.

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Unstoppable Domains And How To Create Them


Unstoppable Domains And How To Create Them


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