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They Want To Ban Cash and Shocking Reasons Why

They Want To Ban Cash and Shocking Reasons Why

Welcome to Orwell's 1984 with Micro Chips Under Your Skin and All

George does a great job of making the complex financial banking system understandable; however, as George says – “pour yourself a stiff drink” to get ready to watch this !!!

Looks like it’s onward to a Cashless Society, Negative Interest Rates, and the end of Small Community Banks.

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The Real Reason They Want To BAN CASH! (Shocking Insights Revealed)

Jan 14, 2020


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“Central banks and governments want to eliminate cash. Why? 👉YOU’LL DISCOVER THE REASONS SO YOU CAN PREPARE! 👈 Have you ever imagined a cashless world and its consequences? Give it a thought because it’s not far from reality. Most people believe they understand why governments and banks seek a cashless society, however, most of the reasons why people think they do it, are wrong. Starting from the belief government and central banks want to generate a booming economy, to believing it’s because Uncle Sam wants to have it all together in case he needs it. These commonly discussed reasons are quickly eliminated by the explanation of Richard Werner, Economist, and international banking expert who believes the reason they want to go cashless is so they can implement negative interest rates. The shocking part is that the real reason behind the intention to ban cash looks more like George Orwell’s’ 1984 novel than our desired progress paradise. Unfortunately, it’s far more diabolical. According to Richard Werner, a cashless society with negative interest rates is a plan to put the small banks out of business and consolidate power with the biggest banks in the world. And this isn’t where the plan ends. In this video I explain: 1. The usual reasons why you think they want to ban cash 2. The real reason why they want negative interest rates 3. The cashless endgame Discover the real reasons and give me your opinion about it using my G.O. Scale. For more content that’ll help you build wealth and thrive in a world of out of control central banks and big governments check out the videos below! 👇 🔴 Subscribe for more free YouTube tips:… Do you wanna see another video as incredible as this? Watch “Federal Reserve: Discover Lies & Secrets They’re Hiding From YOU!”: Watch “Federal Reserve: Why Their Plans Lead To ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION!”: Watch “Federal Reserve – Repo Market – Fed Funds – QE”: Explained (Simple & Fast)”: Stay tuned every week for new content! #CashlessSociety #RichardWerner #CentralBanks


George Gammon
NOTE: Further explanation, banks create new money when they lend. But the new money has to be backed up by reserves (even if there’s no reserve requirement ie Britain). The banks aren’t actually using deposits to lend, which is why you hear people talk about banks being able to lend even without deposits. Reserves are now kept at the Fed and just moved from one banks reserve account to another banks reserve account. The money never get’s into the real economy unless the additional reserves prompt additional lending. Also, To be clear I’m presenting Richard Werners views and adding my own commentary. I’m not saying I think this is the plan of the central banks, although it’s in interesting argument Werner makes. I definitely think there’s a chance he’s right. I also think there’s a good chance this end game plays out even if it isn’t the Fed’s plan, the digital currency will be pushed by governments as well IMO. Werner sees the central banks as bad guys and governments as more benevolent (although still bad), I see it the opposite way. Thx for watching everyone! 😉

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Forget a stiff drink. Spend your money on a gun and ammo you are going to need it. Bye
The one and only reason “they” want to ban cash is so they can control and follow every step you make! And “they” can take your money anytime they want…
Steve zelev
Central banks are anti constitutional. They are “more dangerous than standing armies” -Thomas Jefferson.
c o
1984 or 2000 years ago when Revelations was written. If a dude 2000 years ago said it ends bad for those who get chipped, I think I’m gonna follow that advice
I have not had a bank account in 35 years ! I circumvent the whole system constantly. But if this cash ban happens and weapons ban happens, i will spend my remaining days causing disruptions wherever i can. I’m old and tired of the constant pressure to submit. Screw that !!
Eternal Impermanence
Microchips are not needed, facial recognition is advanced enough technology, less invasive, and faster to implement. Welcome to ‘84.
twig arms
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. —George Orwell
Yeah and the people are going to get the rope out to lynch them.
Anthony Kort
1984 wasn’t supposed to be an instructional manual. We are truly seeing it unfold. Great video
This is what was prophesied2000 years ago…The Mark of The Beast.
I refuse to acclimate to the beast system, George.
Tim Brents
If we don’t take control of our money we will loose.
Dave Forgot
As time goes on this video becomes extremely important
This sounds like what is happening in China right now George.
Victor Sperandeo
Casey Burns Investing
You say grab a stiff drink to hear this but, I get a feeling I’m going to need about three stiff drinks.
Michael Patnesky
I’ll die fighting and by gold. If everyone does this the population will win.
Andy Malanga
Sounds like it’s time for a revolution!
Big brown
If banks have control of our money they have control of us
Joel Farmer
Every developed country is printing all the value out of their currency. (stealing the wealth from the people!)
Ron Corbyn
“Money is the path to total power over the world.” (C.G. Rakovsky, 1938)
If we go to a complete cashless society, they will have total control. At that point we’re screwed. They would hold all the cards and we would be stuck having to follow whatever they put in place for us.
Looking back at this vlog, you never knew how close to the truth you actually were, even more so with the plandemic!
Brian Swinehart
I’ll put a gun to my head before I let them put a chip in me. I’d rather die with my integrity than live without it.
Cashless Society = 1984 Total Control
Lisa Epps
They would prefer to control us all by any means possible
Dave Bellamy
I have another measure of dystopia. Go and look at your local schools. In the UK, they are now prisons. Electric gates, keycodes, kids bolted and barred in, with photo I.D. cards and lanyards, totally conditioned to be prisoners for the rest of their lives.
It’s not Orwell’s 1984, it’s Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.
karl Hoppe
When you use the word “money” I think you mean “currency”. Only gold and silver are money, everything else is debt.
Were in process of the beast system being developed, it is fascinating to watch how it unfolds.
Morgan Pavlovic
George please never change the enthusiasm of STEP NUMBER TWOOOO. It’s a trademark now.
Don’t forget they can’t print paper forever, but they can automatize the creation of quadrillions of dollars very cheaply in one server. Also digital currency is easier to track.
Aaron Russo warned us about this a decade ago.
It’s definitely a step closer to 1984 , I think the future is really going to suck !
George is killing the macro game rn
Lucky Winner
It’s Revelation 13:17 coming true. So everyone start asking for cash and using cash. Stop using debit cards.
K & M
George you scare me everytime. Well done I need it.
Kien Hweng Tai
Need a bottle of Whiskey after this.
i really need more than 24hrs in one day
Douglas Odom
Not being able to buy or sell without the mark ? Biblical .
paintBallprepperTMV AwomanIsAntichrist
It’s not microchips, it’s your smartphone! What’s always in your hand and shines your forehead the mark of the beast.!.
StockyPhil B
Things will be so much easier when I can just buy a burger for half a pint of blood.
It’s all heading toward Revelation Chapter 13.
Nick Scuderi - RealLife Money
George your videos have been ridiculously educational. Been binge watching all your top vids today haha. Thanks so much for the advanced knowledge 🙌
Jose M
The end game: total human population slavery! Makes sense why these socialist also want to ban guns.
If I “grabbed a stiff drink” every time I watched your videos I would be drunk.
A cashless society where one bank has consolidated control would be hell
A cashless society where one bank has consolidated control would be hell

They Want To Ban Cash and Shocking Reasons Why

They Want To Ban Cash and Shocking Reasons Why They Want To Ban Cash and Shocking Reasons Why They Want To Ban Cash and Shocking Reasons Why


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