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The Great Reset Will Not Make You Happy

The World Economic Forum Is Bringing The Global Digital Currency

The Great Reset Will Not Make You Happy

Sky News Austrelia seems to be able to put out information that is getting censored in many other countries including the United States



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A terrifying coalition of big business and big tech are so confident and brazen they are promising the public “you will own nothing, and you will be happy” in an advertising campaign for a global reset, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean. “What they should have added is ‘we the very rich will own everything and be even happier’,” he said. The Great Reset is a proposal set out by the World Economic Forum for a new globalised fiscal system which would allow the world to effectively tackle the so-called climate crisis. Mr Dean said the plan intends to use the “tools of oppression” implemented during the pandemic, such as lockdowns and forced business closures as well as other measures destroying private property rights, to combat the coronavirus to achieve climate outcomes. “I’ve spoken before about the insidious phrase Build Back Better which sounds like common sense but is in fact just one of several slogans for the Great reset, another being the Orwellian phrase the fourth industrial revolution”. “This is as serious and as dangerous a threat to our prosperity and freedom as we have faced in decades.” Mr Dean warned viewers to think again if they believed this was just “crazy old Rowan with his conspiracy theories”. “This garbage is already deeply embedded into our state and federal governments.”


Can’t wait to see Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the Zuckerbergs of the world “own nothing”. Oh wait, that’s for us little people. My bad.
Ruminations from the Trailer Park
Why do I, as a Canadian, have to watch Sky news Australia for a decent, honest take on the news?
Midnight Philosopher
There are more of us than them. Don’t ever forget that.
Lina Sh
It’s funny how many conspiracy theories turn out to be true
John Smith
You know who else weren’t allowed to own things? Slaves
Boby NcBob
I’d rather die than have the world turn into this dystopian hell
If prince Charles is unhappy owning all these lands and assets he can give them to me and I’ll gladly rent it to him.
Lex Morningstar
This was considered a “conspiracy theory” when I was a teenager. Problem is, many people will gladly welcome this because of indoctrination
Tom Folley
At least sky news Australia is the only media outlet that’s awake 🤝
I rather die like a man than live like a coward
The Great Reset Will Not Make You Happy
The Great Reset Will Not Make You Happy

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