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And Search Engine Censoring

It’s getting harder to find a search engine that hasn’t played with the search algorithms


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I’m leaving DuckDuckGo, and here’s what I picked…

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  SUBSCRIBEI break down my journey of finding a new private search engine–let it help you on your journey for the best search engine for YOU! This video was originally inspired by @The Linux Experiment video covering his browser journey, check it out here: Search Engine Map: Startpage CEO Interview: Since some people are asking: No–none of the search engines in this video paid us money or influenced it in any other way, strictly Henry’s personal journey. None were even aware of this video and are seeing it for the first time like you all are. 🔐 Techlore Homepage: 🕵 Go Incognito Course: 🎧 Surveillance Report Podcast: 📹 Odysee: 📹 PeerTube:… Connect with others in the privacy community: 🐦 Twitter: Ⓜ️ Mastadon: 👾 Discord: 💻 Matrix: Support our mission to spread privacy to the masses: 💖 All Techlore Support Methods: 🧡 Patreon: 🪙 Monero: 49H4jTvUY5zaX8qLpVBstJFR7ayTMxxU3UyWpGqUoBM4UzM2zwUHA2sJ9i3AhQYdaqhFmS8PDfWKn1Tea4SKU6haMTXG8qD 00:00 Introduction 00:07 DuckDuckGo 00:51 Startpage 02:13 Searx 02:48 DuckDuckGo 2 03:34 The Dark Ages 03:55 Brave Search 06:45 Recapping All Options #private #searchengine #techlore


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0:00after years of testing several private0:02search engines i’ve settled on my0:04favorite that is now the default on all0:06of my browsers my journey starts back in0:082018 when i was using duckduckgo it was0:11the most accessible and simple privacy0:13search engine and i especially loved0:15their bangs which allow you to0:16conveniently send your search to0:18countless sites but i never loved the0:20results as i’m not a fan of bing which0:23is pretty much exclusively what0:24duckduckgoey uses this is a good time to0:26mention that some people love duckduckgo0:28results which makes me outline the0:30disclaimer for this video this is my0:32journey with my opinions i promise i’ll0:35be asking about your journeys later in0:37the video since i didn’t like0:38duckduckgo’s results i found myself0:40using the bangs pretty much by default0:42before even attempting to see what0:44duckduckgo would give me duckduckgo was0:46working against me and not with me and0:49this is when i knew something needed to0:51change so i moved over to startpage a0:53search engine that privately proxies0:55google results this transition happened0:57around the time start page was partially0:59acquired by system one which i didn’t1:01find a big deal since nothing changed1:03about their privacy policy nor how they1:05conducted themselves internally in my1:06opinion they did an okay job of clearing1:09up people’s concerns and i even got to1:10sit down with their ceo to talk about1:13those concerns where i left feeling1:14pretty good about everything you can1:16watch that interview yourself1:17since start page proxies google results1:20i was getting the results i wanted in a1:22more private manner and because of this1:24i was much happier with start page than1:26duckduckgo full disclosure because it’s1:28important for me to mention this after1:30the ceo interview they offered me a1:32summer internship where i helped them1:33with some how-to videos which i covered1:36in an announcement but they’re not aware1:37of making this video and these are my1:40thoughts and i hope they don’t get mad1:42but frankly that’s too bad because it’s1:43our channel where i’m allowed to speak1:45up now i loved using start page here’s1:48the problem i couldn’t use it anymore1:51since they started getting stricter with1:53blacklisting ip addresses tied to vpn1:56and tor users so i couldn’t even use the1:58service as someone who uses a vpn or2:01tour almost every day it puts me in a2:03position where i had to choose between2:05private searches or privacy from my isp2:08and i wasn’t willing to make that2:09compromise when there were so many2:11search engines available to me so2:14yeah i hopped over to an instance of2:16search that met a search engine where2:18you customize the results yourself it’s2:20extremely powerful and is the only open2:23source and self-hostable option i tried2:25it was just too much for me i was2:27spending more time configuring the2:28search engine to work well than actually2:31doing quality searches and this is2:32another example of a tool that just2:34wasn’t working for me but against me so2:37while this is objectively probably the2:39most transparent and most private2:41provider i’m covering today i just2:43wasn’t interested in going that route2:45since i’m all about simplicity in my2:47privacy journey with really no more2:49options at the time i went back to good2:51old duckduckgo2:52now beautiful viewer i really tried to2:55enjoy it i would put those google bangs2:58then stop and convince myself to give3:01duckduckgo a shot for the search and you3:03know what3:04half the times i’d end up having to use3:06the bang anyway because the results were3:08so crap i just do not like duckduckgo3:11results and i don’t consider myself a3:13bad searcher i have read books on this3:15stuff and have no issues with most3:16search engines i just don’t find the3:18results relevant to what i’m looking for3:20a lot of times the one thing just to3:22give them credit that i do love to this3:24day is any development or programming3:26related searches especially with their3:28integration with stack overflow but3:30that’s it and honestly it’s fantastic3:32and i think it’s the best search engine3:33for that then the dark ages i still3:37overall reluctantly use duckduckgo but i3:39didn’t enjoy using it um i tested start3:42page again but i couldn’t because i3:44couldn’t access it i tried search.me3:46again i tried google i tried quant i3:48tried moji but simply put nothing really3:51made me happy and made me want to use it3:53as a daily driver3:56until3:57brave search was released offering not a4:00meta search engine but their own index4:03which is very unique and i’ll talk about4:05why and what that is soon it also just4:08so happens that duckduckgo’s reliance on4:10bing had become more obvious with4:12several big stories hitting the news4:14that i’m sure many of you heard of4:16and during that time brave search4:18results kept improving i can confidently4:21say that brave search is my new choice4:24for a privacy search engine for myself4:26and let me break down why and what my4:28experience has been like the last couple4:30months first privacy wise it lines up4:33similarly to the alternatives you’re not4:35missing out here second i don’t find the4:37results as good as google but it’s only4:39improving they’ve added new features4:41that i feel is making searches better4:43and i do find the results better than4:45every other privacy search engine i4:46tested with the exception of start page4:48whose i like the best since it’s just4:50google third they support banks just4:53like duckduckgo which is like my4:55favorite thing about duckduckgo so4:56that’s a big plus fourth this is really4:59important so listen up brave indexes its5:01own results unlike meta search engines5:04like duckduckgo which just give you5:06search results from someone else i5:08actually really recommend visiting the5:09search engine map in a description to5:10help you see this now brave is still5:13using an unknown percentage of results5:15from other search engines as of today5:17but they’re slowly phasing this out as5:19their own index begins to improve over5:21time5:22the reason this is really important is5:24because i don’t think meta search5:26engines reliant on big tech companies5:29are the long-term solution duckduckgo5:31and startpage are fantastic at giving5:33people private results from being in5:36google respectively but in regards to5:38offering independent results brave and5:41mojic have the right idea of offering5:43their own independent index to avoid5:46lots of the issues that services like5:47duckduckgo are facing that are likely to5:49only5:51frankly get worse as time goes on fifth5:53brave search has never blacklisted me5:56once but neither has any search engine5:57here except start page so it works fine5:59for me in tor and with my vpn and6:01finally i genuinely like using brave6:04search i find the interface modern i6:07appreciate the features they give me it6:09feels smooth to use and it’s just a6:11fantastic experience6:13the one thing that’s severely incomplete6:15for me is image search which as far as i6:17know and as far as my tests are showing6:19it’s just 100 being images like6:22duckduckgo which means i’m no worse off6:24than i was when i was using duckduckgo6:26but with the better experience6:28everywhere else a final thing i’ll6:29mention a lot of people are turned off6:31um by brave because of their crypto6:33stuff and i would just ask you to6:34consider that the search engine has6:36nothing to do with the browser and you6:37can use the search engine in any browser6:39that allows other search engines i like6:41to try to differentiate those two things6:43but you do you i don’t really care what6:45search engine you use now here’s the6:46thing for me6:48it’s just a search engine i’m not6:50particularly married to brave search and6:52i don’t think anyone should be married6:54to a search engine it’s just a search6:55engine the important part about this6:57video is to recognize that most search6:59engines bring something to the table7:01duckduckgo offers its collection of7:02results with bangs startpage offers more7:05private google offers a7:07transparent option for power users mojic7:10offers an independent index some offer7:12trees the list goes on and almost all7:15are more private than google or bing so7:17it’s normally a net win for most people7:20i just found that brave search works for7:22me and is only improving the more i use7:24it and it’s honestly the happiest i’ve7:26been with any search engine the last7:28several years on this really long and7:30frustrating journey7:31now i promised earlier i want to hear7:33about your journeys so please let me7:35know in the comments what your7:36experience with different search engines7:38have been did you test some that i7:40didn’t test what do you use what are7:42your top three just let me know because7:44i’d love to hear and we want to get an7:45idea of what you all use and the last7:47thing i’ll leave you with be grateful we7:49have so many great search engine options7:52and definitely give them some love for7:54what they bring to the table because7:56each of them offers something very7:57valuable7:58thanks for watching and we’ll see you8:00next time on techloreEnglish (auto-generated)  

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