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IMF Creates New Money Layer Using SDR

IMF Creates New Money Layer Using SDR

Is This Being Done In Preparation for The Great Reset


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The International Monetary Fund’s special drawing right (SDR) – the international reserve asset created in 1969 to prepare for a new dollar crisis – is undergoing a renaissance with important worldwide repercussions says Willem Middelkoop, author of the Big Reset. “The announcement of the largest-ever increase in SDR allocations, which will greatly improve the liquidity of many developing nations, signals alignment between the US and China in a key area of global monetary power,” he tells our Daniela Cambone. #money #investing #imf Get the same kind of tools used by the world’s elite investors: ______________________________ Follow us on Facebook:… Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:… Follow us on LinkedIn:…


‘We create more fiat money out of thin air and nobody looses.” There is no such a thing. the general public looses in the price of inflation.
Steve V
Janet just said she’s going to create $1trillion SDR for the US to use……they just print fiat money till you need a wheelbarrow for your wallet just like Venezuela did……get ready people, we are just sliding down the hill at breakneck speed to serfdom with no brakes of any kind.
Why is everyone calling currencies “money”? It is very confusing.
Love Button
This is what Jim Rickards predicted would happen.
Gordon Gekko
Willem Middelkoop is the Oracle From Amsterdam: his financial intelligence should be described as a golden dagger with a razor sharp silver edge. ….and his Fund might be the best performing Fund on the globe the coming years. DYODD as always.
UniveRsally Hated
“Special rights” are the way of the world today. Forget individual rights and freedoms
Virgo Atheist0971
If it creates a new layer of fiat money, and all “currency” is devalued and debased, all the plebs lose…
Michael May
Move to SDR as world’s reserve currency causes immediate devaluing of the dollar. How does he say no one gets hurt on this?
Daniella: Who loses? Guest: No one! I beg to differ. We, the people of the world, lose.
Art Gig
Translation: another layer on top of our global fiat monetary Ponzi scheme to benefit the financial elite
Glenn W.
“It debases world currencies and nobody loses”…..WTF??? Every one of us who actually works for a living loses purchasing power!
Don Tube
“they” don’t want competition in currencies — “they” rather like keeping the illusion of competition though 🤣

IMF Creates New Money Layer Using SDR

IMF Creates New Money Layer Using SDR

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