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CBDC Crypto and Digital Dollar Coming 2022

CBDC Will End Financial Privacy Through Censorship and Surveillance

CBDC Crypto and Digital Dollar Coming 2022

The Globalists Are Preparing The Way

Everything happening now seems to be designed to collapse the economy to bring in the Digital Dollar

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CBDC Crypto and Digital Dollar Coming 2022


CBDC Crypto and Digital Dollar Coming 2022


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we really need to solve the problem of

federal governments world governments

going after cryptocurrency talking about

merging them together talking about

creating their own cbdc’s and their own

global currencies that are going to

replace the crypto we have oh no

literally replace

pal right here the fed chair said last

july that if the us launches its version

of the digital dollar and i quote there

will be no reason for any other crypto

currencies they genuinely believe

that the digital dollar the digital you

want in china the digital

insert country here whether it’s russia

or japan maybe a digital euro they

believe that that’s going to take over

the crypto market we’re all going to

hold hands sing kumbaya and


these centralized controlled currencies

crypto was supposed to be decentralized

peer-to-peer bitcoins white paper the og

and everyone since then decentralized

peer-to-peer projects between you and i

me and you you and me


central exchanges but then central

exchanges and laws came europe is

currently looking at this law right here


transparency act which is going to

destroy a lot of things in the crypto

space fact in the united states the

secret service

is harvesting data from crypto wallets

according to themselves now we’re going

to solve this problem at privacy x along

with some other incredible people i’m

going to talk about that today in

operation real cryptocurrency is


and decentralized

we’re working on our own crypto project

that i’m going to be able to tell you

guys about in roughly two weeks

where we’re going to be breaking down


issue i’m attacking it head on we’ve got

our own crypto coming out that is going

to attack this directly our technology

and our project now it’s going to be a

very big undertaking and i’ve had a lot

of people ask me how they can support

the project how they can invest well the

crypto of course which will be coming

out soon and i’ll be able to tell you

guys about it so you can see what we are

working on we are tackling a very big

issue in the privacy technology and

cryptocurrency space which is

peer-to-peer decentralization and


there’s a lot of issues coming out with

a lot of these companies that are trying

to be the new bank the new chase the new

wells fargo the new global bank

we don’t want that we don’t want banks

2.0 we don’t want king makers we want

decentralized peer-to-peer and when the

federal reserve in the united states the

world reserve currency is talking about

a situation where the fed coin the new

dollar digital dollar that’s going to

track everything you do everywhere you

go everything you spin and is going to

be the key component to the social

credit score that’s ushering in is going

to be a serious problem now the good

news is they can’t stop crypto they’re

going to try to make it illegal but

there’s things we can do from a software

standpoint but we’ve got to stand up

quickly you know reddit is full of

people talking about privacy anonymity

security but they hide behind reddit

twitter is full of people talking about

this but they typically hide behind

anonymous usernames there’s not a lot of

people out in the open talking about

this and this is becoming a serious

problem because hundreds of millions of

people want this but do you realize the

government doesn’t actually think that

people do because they don’t see you and

so we’re putting together a project and

we have been putting together a project

for the last year that is going to

attack this issue we’re going to be

under attack

but that’s okay i mean at the end of the

day we’ve got to fight for freedom we’ve

got to fight for privacy and we are

giving away crypto and we’re giving it

up they’re taking it over

governments and big corporations are

literally taking over crypto and we’re

just allowing them i mean you see the

new law that just came out on the taxes

that you can literally there’s a new tax

law coming

in the united states and they’re looking

at similar laws on a on a world basis

right now where you can only deduct 3

000 in losses but you have to pay taxes

on unlimited gains so no matter how many

gains you have you have to pay huge

amounts of taxes and the more you make

the more they take but they’re only

going to backstop you with 3 000 in

losses which is unprecedented it used to

be able to be up to a very high number

now depend on your overall it was a

percentage of your overall gains and

then you can carry losses over they’re

talking about not even allowing you to

carry losses over in 2024. now it’s a

few years out but it’s always a few

years out and it’s always coming down

the road so if you have losses right now

you really don’t need to worry but in a

few years if you take losses you can

only take up to 3 000

but if you if so basically if you fail

that’s on you but if you succeed they

want it

they can’t have it both ways but they

can because they keep jamming these laws

through and you guys don’t do anything

about it same thing with this new

copyright law they just keep jamming

these laws through and everyone’s like

oh i guess

where are people fighting back they’re

not where are the projects that are

fighting back they’re not they’re just

pump and dumps or their new bank

projects you know whether you like xrp

whether you like cardano whether you

like a lot of these big projects frankly

they’re just trying to be the bank 2.0

they’re trying to be centralized 2.0 i

mean ripple being traded

that level of control you don’t need you

don’t want crypto companies being on the

stock market because as soon as

something goes on the stock market it’s

game set match full control the

government fully controls the stock

market they’ve proven that with the six

trillion they pumped in trillion the

only reason the united states stock

market is not in ruins right now in a

pile of rubble is because the federal

government pumped in over six trillion

dollars in two years

six trillion not billion trillion

that is unprecedented

and then you look at these companies

they were right in the big wave that are

crashing left and right the pelotons the

netflix’s all these companies crashing

left and right because they hold no

value but yet the stock market is still

holding strong

for no reason even though companies are

producing record lows we’ve got massive

amount of shortages in everything we’ve

got record inflation inflation hasn’t

been this high since before i was born

and then we’ve got also supply shortages

and supply chain issues on a worldwide

basis and yet our stock market’s all

hunky-dory it’s artificially inflated

when are people going to realize that

they can take the air out anytime they

want we’re raising interest rates home

prices are at an all-time high when are

people gonna open their eyes to this and

you have two safe havens two because

they’re even destroying real estate in

some areas of the world now in the

united states real estate’s still pretty

good as far as investment it’s not good

price wise it’s been completely

destroyed but we’ve got two safe havens

precious metals and crypto and you’re

allowing them to manipulate precious

metals and they’re going to regulate

crypto to the point where it’s worthless

i mean did you see what they just did to

d5 did you open your eyes and see


you cannot take the the gains on these

stable coins unless you’re an accredited

investor making over 200 grand a year or

a million in net worth

now i don’t care

you know

at some points i look at this like oh

well you know

i can do this i’m the percentage of the

people who make a lot of money i’m the

people who is successful

but i stand shoulder to shoulder with

working people i consider myself regular

people regardless if i had a dollar or a

trillion dollars in my bank i’m just a

regular guy

i work hard and that’s why i’m

successful i don’t

really relate with these super

successful goofballs i don’t relate with

these upper crusts i see people all the

time especially in places like vegas or

austin or california that you know they

might make a couple hundred grand a year

and pretend like they’re rich pretend

like they’re better than people i don’t

i don’t associate with that i associate

with people who work hard and people who

you know love what they do people who

live life people who go all into

everything they do that’s my kind of

people but unfortunately these people

seem to be scared right now to come out

of the shadows and fight for their

freedoms fight for their privacy fight

for their future tell the government

you’re not going to accept the social

credit score when are people going to

come out and start fighting back

so now they’re going to destroy d5

slowly but surely they’re going to

destroy stable coins they already said

they’re going to make stable coins


you can’t pack anything to the dollar

that’s going to be step one

d5 is going to get crushed

and then what you had to be an

accredited investor so you know 90


i don’t know what is it like 95 percent

of people in the united states

can’t partake now well it’s actually

more than 95 but roughly 95 to 97

percent of people in the united states

aren’t going to be able to partake

it’s always about protecting the elites

now it’s one thing when they manipulate

the stock market they’ve been doing that

forever but crypto is the new era why

are you allowing them to take this

from you

i’m asking because i don’t know because

they can’t take it from me because i can

be any kind of accredited investor i can

i can

i qualify for all the stuff i can

qualify to be elite if i want to so i’m

asking you because i know that most

people who watch my channel

wouldn’t qualify probably 70 of you

wouldn’t qualify so i’m asking why are

you allowing them to do this why are you

accepting this why are you accepting

them to slowly but surely chip away at

everything and if you’re in europe why

are you standing for this in europe why

are you standing for these new

transparency laws why are you standing

for all where are people out there

bringing the government to their knees

where are the people out there taking

these people out of power where are the

people out there rallying behind a

candidate who’s gonna do right i mean

here in the united states we’re getting

ready to have the battle of the 80 year

olds in two years

that’s what a lot of people want they

want to see two 80 year olds battle for

president i don’t care if you’re left to

right or center

we have so many people in europe you

have so many people in asia you have so

many people australia you have so many

great people south america

why do you guys keep putting in the

worst people ever and then accepting it

why do you accept well it’s it’s the

better of two evils it’s not

we need to start fighting back because

they’re looking at destroying crypto

they’re looking at merging crypto coins

the dollar is the world reserve currency

and powell himself out of his own mouth

last july said there will be no need for

kryptos everyone saw it everyone talked

about it for three or four days

and then whoop whatever

interest rates are going up but savings

aren’t going up wages aren’t going to go

up companies are going to pull back

house bubbles going to pop that’s

obvious with wages going up

excuse me with rates going up and wages

going nowhere

and then what you got the haven of

crypto well

maybe you can’t invest in crypto because

you don’t already have enough money and

we got to protect you from yourself

wait a minute who’s going to protect me

from inflation nobody shut up and go

back to work

that’s your government


shut up and go back to work wait but

there’s like eight percent inflation

which is a lie by the way it’s like

fifty percent on gas and food and energy

things people actually need but they lie

and say it’s eight or nine percent but

let’s just say it’s eight or nine

percent savings rates are at one or two


so crypto was actually a hedge against

inflation now they’re like shut up and

go back to work with your low wages that

just got lower with inflation because

inflation’s a task

a tax

on the bottom 70 percent

go back to work and shut up we’re

protecting you from you only the rich

can partake in these capital gains


that’s what you get that’s what you

voted for that’s what you get

now i’m good

are you good

i get emails and questions every day and

people need to start getting serious man

this is getting ridiculous so we’ve got

something coming out that i’ll be

talking about in a couple weeks our own

project we’re going to fight back will

we win

remains to be seen but we are going to

fight with everything we got

to put out a crypto project that

actually matters they can actually be on

the blockchain they can actually

do what crypto is supposed to do now

we’re not the only ones there’s some

great crypto out there monero for

example uh is a great one pirate chain

is a great one you know i’m not a big

fan of ethereum’s privacy but i think

ethereum adds a lot of value the gas

fees suck but i think ethereum 2 could

add some value and obviously ethereum

has really helped revolutionize crypto

bitcoin but the problem with bitcoin is

it’s got that name that keeps getting

tied to war

and there’s a lot of other projects

those are just a couple those are just a

couple and again i’m not dissing uh xrp

or cardano or algorand or uh all you

know shibuyi new it could be anything i

don’t care stellar i’ve been in stellar

forever i think i hope seller

actually goes to the moon right

i think all these cryptos are great any

crypto is great but we’re losing focus

we’re focusing on these pump and dumps

and we’re not focusing enough on

actually actually adding utility and


i read a statistic the other day

from the wall street journal which i

never read but i couldn’t ignore that 42


so basically four

out of 10 of the top 100 cryptos have no

utility none

zero and this isn’t out of all crypto i

would i would wager about 90 percent of

all crypto have no utility which is fine

new projects getting started fine but

out of the top 100 42

have zero

utility 77 percent have almost zero

utility according to the wall street

journal which again is not something i

ever read but it popped up it was like

an ad

and it was one time i couldn’t ignore it

i was like is this true and i went

through this whole article it was like a

10 minute spread

and i looked at a bunch of statistics

and it’s crazy

and the government is going to use this

and call crypto

a whole bunch of you know their war

profiteering and on and on and on you

need to fight back guys if you want

crypto or they are gonna wreck crypto

they’re gonna make crypto worthless

they’re gonna pivot institutional money

away they’re gonna pivot d5 away they’re

already calling nft money laundering

scams they’re trying to destroy nfts as

quick as they can

they’re coming after it left and right

and you’re not doing anything about it

they’re manipulating precious metals and

now they’re manipulating crypto your

last safe haven if you haven’t already

become a ghost i recommend you become a

ghost really quick while you can first

link down below

we’re gonna be making some changes to

the program soon guys because we’re

getting so many people in uh we’ve been

growing at privacy acts we’ve been

helping countless people become ghosts

which i’m very proud of but uh yeah

you’re gonna want to get in right now at

the discounted rates while they’re still

discounting because unfortunately they

have to go back up soon so check out the

first thing down below if you haven’t


i start taking action start being vocal

and hiding behind an avatar is not going

to cut it you keep looking for someone

else to do it for you

but there’s not enough someone else’s

there’s people like me who have small

voices but you know and then you see

what happens when big people try to do

big things like you saw what happened to

elon i don’t care what anybody says

about elon yeah he’s not privacy focused

but i think as an entrepreneur the guy’s

a genius as an entrepreneur he’s done a

lot of value you look at you know the

companies he’s helped grow he’s helped

build the things he’s helped do and the

ideas he’s helped tackle is he a perfect

person no do i agree with him on

everything no but at least he’s out here

trying to do something that’s more than

most people can say

and look what they try to do to elon

musk and he’s the guy in the green how

is the far left attacking the guy who’s

made more progress in green energy than

anybody in modern probably ever but

certainly in modern history and that’s

the guy they attack because he they

don’t like what he has to say it’s

unbelievable also he’s the richest guy

in the world who’s a real


real african-american but he doesn’t

have enough melanin in his skin so they

attack him too and they call him racist

although they also called larry elder

the uh what they call him the

black face a white supremacy or

something like that so i mean it’s off

the deep end

but you gotta do something you gotta you

gotta take action when it comes to

crypto you’re gonna lose it they’re

gonna they’re gonna uh

they’re gonna they’re gonna destroy it

pretty soon they’re gonna try to merge

these coins together they’re gonna try

to make it illegal for you to own the

secret service is already tracking

wallets they admit this stuff openly now

the scary part the irs is hiring 80 000

new people in the united states and

they’ve already stated that their core

mission their only mission

is crypto

before they said that 30 was going to be

allocated crypto now it’s almost all of

it it’s almost all of it they claim

they’re going to touch the rich and go

after a money laundering but reality

it’s all going to crypto

fight back while you can

while you still have a pulse


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