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Jerry Banfield Is Going All In For Internet Computer Protocol ICP

We’ve followed Jerry for years and find his advise worth taking a look at

I Bought 2242 ICP! I’ll Be a Crypto Millionaire Soon with Internet Computer Protocol!

Jerry Banfield Crypto

20K subscribers

6.1K views Streamed 1 day ago Crypto with Jerry BanfieldCryptocurrency investors you will love my live show I Bought 2242 ICP! I’ll Be a Crypto Millionaire Soon with Internet Computer Protocol! Join us at Jerry Banfield YouTube channels …





9 hours ago

The recent uptick in Bitcoin’s value marks a significant moment in the cryptocurrency market, indicating not just a temporary spike but the onset of a potentially larger trend. This positive trajectory reflects growing investor confidence and suggests a broader shift toward global cryptocurrency acceptance. The movement presents a prime opportunity for investors, especially day traders, to capitalize on Bitcoin’s bullish momentum, highlighting the importance of strategic investment during such pivotal market trends. I’ve personally benefited from following Francine Duguay’s trading tactics, amassing 23 bitcoins in a short seven weeks period, which speaks volumes about her expertise.  @mmmatt4820


21 hours ago

Respect to you Jerry, for pumping out fantastic ICP content .  @thorazine0076


18 hours ago

Excellent Video, Big props to Bobby O Youtubers as well for his ICP contributions. Anyone that keeps fuding ICP, DYOR, otherwise you’ll never understand blockchain or crypto period.💯  @fessybear


1 day ago (edited)

Initially held around 200 icp as a small part of my portfolio, now holding 1000 with a target of 2000 eoy 👍 thanks for putting in the effort to share your thoughts and research. But staking for 8 years is crazy, but then again you are slightly… unique 🤪🤪  @davethurman1821


20 hours ago

Another great video on icp .Best project .This coin is going to run. Thanks for all your great videos.  @mattdiffey2501


1 day ago

I was a skeptic at first, but I’m DCA’ing in to ICP and matching the investment and de risking buying BTC this way I won’t lose cash but break even at worst  @jh.g4468


1 day ago

Thanks for my daily Jerry fix. @tacoganzevoort1749


1 day ago

Thank you for all the content about icp!!  @Casperitis21


50 minutes ago

Jerry, I like your passion. But I just can’t wrap my head around locking a stake for 8 years.  @gailscrypto1536


1 day ago

i wonder if origin or such would be a good place to store a will, somewhere that makes sure your assets are recorded so if something happens to you that your beneficiaries will be able to locate and validate assets….hmmm might be a good dapp to build LOL so many stories of people unable to find crypto investors assets when they pass (thanks to chat guy who kept asking about jerry dying before 8 years LOL)  @m.bamenimoghadam8553


5 hours ago

Thaaaaaaanks for your honest efforts.  @blockchainbae


7 hours ago

So, what is going to happen with $ICP once stakers unlock their positions?  @xvxbxzxomxoii9135


17 hours ago

Jerry when it comes to IPC price you failed to mention one thing. IPC issued at a price that was simply way too high. Sure the tech is extraordinary but they should not have assumed that everyone would realize and understand that. The simple fact is you start low and as adoption gains speed and the tech begins to be realized adoption will increase. And if we understand the simple economic law of supply and demand, then as demand begins to increase as adoption increases then price will increase. But if you start high, and they did, because the tech is superior yet know one understands this. Then there is no where to go but down and it did. For me, that’s great!! But you have missed the most interesting and promising point of IPC. Do you know what it IS??  @rachel-sophiaanthony741


11 hours ago

Just want to thank you for your Knowledge and insight into ICP. I want you to know I truly appreciate it, because I know I will reap the benefits in due time. Keep persevering Jerry. Thanks again. @jerrybanfield  @christopherlie2063


1 day ago

Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still made over $65,000 this month  @fatalfury6326


17 hours ago

I went all in ICP ,xen ,hot ,ocean ,hex and pulsechain …PLS and ICP are my biggest stacks




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