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Best Private Internet Alternatives

How To Hide Assets From The New Social Credit Score

Best Private Internet Alternatives

Why Governments Want Private Internet Illegal

Welcome to The Age of Big Brother. Big Government hates your privacy. Tools like TOR, VPN’s and other privacy tools have exploded in popularity over the past few years.

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Best Private Internet Alternatives


Best Private Internet Alternatives


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today we’re going to talk about one of

the most popular privacy technology

tools in the world tour

the tour project now you’ve probably

heard of it you’ve also probably heard

of some conspiracy theories about tor

well the military created it true


the government owns it and runs it false

why well

if you understand tor and how tor works

that’s just literally not possible now

there is some things they can do and

this is why we need alternatives most

notably they can capture the nodes now

i’ve done a detailed video breaking down

exactly how tour works how you can use

tor to be anonymous do i recommend tor

yeah i do but there are some

circumstances where you might need some

alternatives so i’m going to break down

my favorite alternatives in this video

today in operation real privacy

now you may or probably didn’t notice

this tweet by jack dorsey who said and



retweeted this and jack talks about the

good old days of the internet when

privacy was more of a focus

and i do have some respect although i’m

not a jack dorsey fan for the fact that

he takes the blame

that he’s partially responsible for the

internet going south

but we are coming back

decentralized with our own version of

web 3. who well people like me and

people like you obviously the

governments don’t want that but the cool

thing about decentralization is they can

kick rocks and to see jack dorsey even

talk about that is actually quite

interesting if you ask me but let’s

break down a couple alternatives shall

we i do want to be clear i use tor i

recommend tor no

tor is not owned by the government or

the cia do they monitor it they monitor

everything it doesn’t matter what you do

they try to monitor everything that’s

nothing new however

if they can capture the nodes because

you have the relays and then the nodes

you’re using a vpn anyway you’re using

my privacy method anyway right how i

break down step by step how to be

completely and utterly 100 anonymous

online if you’re doing that not even the

cia can craft it hate to tell you so

if you’re just using your wifi in your


and you’re hopping on tor then yeah

maybe at an exit node but should

probably not do anything illegal anyway

anyway i’m gonna break down exactly why

you could use some other ones first one

i2p what does that stand for invisible

internet project and encrypted now

tour does have a few

shortcomings it’s the most popular and

one of the most valuable things on tour

is there’s over 2 million active daily

users i’ve heard numbers of over 10

million users on busier days which is

incredible lots of nodes relaying

through different zones

keeping you private and anonymous and

masking people to look the same however

there are some privacy features that tor

let’s say fall short on now you know

i think when this was built

two things a they didn’t want to go too


government has always been

anti-encryption well i2p has

end-to-end encryption it’s a really cool

network a really cool platform i

recommend you check it out

and there’s a lot of additional value so

why would you use this over tor

i wouldn’t recommend using this over tor

i would recommend using this as a toggle

right you never want to do all things on

one thing so you never want to just use

one browser use firefox focus and brave

and you know whatever other browsers you

use or the tor browser 80 you use all

the different browsers in fact i’m going

to talk about one of my favorites here

in a second

but you want to compartmentalize maybe

you do business stuff on one maybe you


i don’t know personal stuff on another

maybe you have a business to nota

account a personal start mail account

maybe you have you know whatever you



that’s where i2p comes in

handy that’s where the invisible

internet project

comes in handy now

indian encryption is valuable if you’re

using the network as a whole but i still

recommend masking yourself utilizing

your favorite flavor of linux i’ve done

detailed breakdowns of my favorite linux

but you

definitely gonna want to use one i would

not recommend using mini

i mean if you’re using windows the

windows are always open really there’s

very little you can do mac there’s a lot

you can do linux there’s basically


so keep that in mind now if you do have

them unfortunately if you have a windows

computer i don’t recommend doing nothing

but understand that when you can afford

to update i would recommend updating

because they’re not privacy based

machines at all so

that being the case what is a good

browser well

how about

epic browser

epic browser is absolutely amazing it’s

not as popular as brave brave is

becoming a little bit more mainstream


is always worrisome check out epic

epic has

anti-fingerprinting now if you’re not

familiar with fingerprints well here’s a

fingerprint but i’m not necessarily

talking about the fingerprint on your

finger i’m more so talking about

your digital fingerprint things like

screen resolution machine mac address ip

address geo location and on and on and

on there’s literally

five or six dozen

features they can look at what browser

you use what plugins you use on that

browser size of screen windows open they

could use algorithms to see what sites

you have open to be the most likely hood

for it to be you they can see who you’re

connecting to on social media everything

you do online is tracked by somebody

understand that the more you can look

you remember that music video this one

the real slim shady please stand up well

the thing in that video you know how

they all have like the shirt and the

bleached hair and they all look almost

the same that’s the value of the tour

browser that’s the value of epic browser

that’s the value of these privacy tools

anti-fingerprinting built-in should be

the standard but of course it’s not

that said it also has privacy built in

and it has anti-trackers now you might

think well i could get plug-ins on

browsers like google browser or safari

right no you can get plug-ins that

from your site on

stops the site from tracking the plugin

will not stop the browser from tracking

believe me

google and apple and microsoft with

things like bing et cetera they have

mastered this they have mastered the art

of the metadata and utilizing your data

as a product your data is a trillion

dollar industry trillions upon trillions

of dollars data is one of the biggest

industries in the world that no one

wants to talk about because the product

is free you are the product and you’re

being exploited all day every day

so understanding that not just for

the exploitation of your data but also

for your freedom for the way things are

going i did a video the other day

talking about the rollout of the social

credit score this video i recommend you

watch it because i really dive deep i

also appreciate you guys response i got

dozens and dozens of emails breaking

things down on that really cool but epic

browser can help circumvent a lot of

this so i recommend you check out the

epic browser and it’s another good

toggle between tor if you’re looking at

the dark net if you’re looking at the

deep net etc the next one i want to talk

about is free net now i started this off

talking about

a tweet that jack dorsey put out and

freenet retweeted it because he

mentioned free freenet ooznet and uh

basically a bunch of other tools even

back when we had more of a privacy

focused email before sites like yahoo

and gmail took over a lot of other sites


you know freenet is incredible now you

can use the opennet or the dark net and

it’s peer-to-peer

i want you to understand a couple words



is what everything should be we need to

quit with these centralized middlemen a

bank is a middlemen and they’re not

necessary crypto at its core solves that

you do not need a bank

you do not need

any most of these things okay the isps

in their current form we don’t need them

the social media sites in their current

form that are running as dictators we

don’t need them all of these things can

be peer-to-peer but we allow these

centralized middlemen most of the


worthless in all countries in all areas

now i think we need a small government

to handle a few core fundamental issues

but we don’t need

80 of the government we currently have

for sure


these things solve that so understand

peer-to-peer is vital you know what else

is vital

having a situation that is decentralized

we don’t need god’s we don’t need

dictators a god that’s fine but i’m

talking about mark zuckerberg’s not a


jeff bezos is not a god i like elon musk

i don’t agree with him on everything but

i like him but he’s not a god he’s one

of the few who doesn’t want to be in

fact he’s one of the one champion

drilling oil right now even though it

actually in theory hurts his business

but he’s the one he’s got the biggest

electric car company in the world he

knows we’re a couple decades away from

critical mass and so he knows we have to

drill right now oh i digress

all right i gotta try to stay on topic

people are telling me to stay on topic


that’s a topic for a different video but

peer-to-peer and decentralized are vital


i2p epic browser free net

adding with tor in your repertoire

because you’re you’re mixing things up

and you’ve got things compartmentalized

oh you’re doing great you’re doing great


is tour illegal well

the government uses tor as the blanket

we’re gonna make encryption illegal and

they talk about tor


the government created tor and then

coulee doesn’t understand tor the

government doesn’t understand bitcoin

tor encryption they don’t even

understand how social media ads work the

government’s a bunch of idiots in all

areas your government my government

their government their government


peer-to-peer decentralized

compartmentalization those are three

things you should do consistently ask

yourself is this peer-to-peer is this

decentralized can i compartmentalize

this how can i take my information out

every time you sign up for a service

is this a dummy email is this a dummy

name do not give these companies any

real information add that into your

daily practice am i worried about

encryption being illegal no because the

government doesn’t fully know how that

works and to be able to encrypt things

on the internet and to be able to run

things to the blockchain and


the only option they have is the nuclear

option and that’s take the entire

internet down which is never gonna


it would make them have no power what

you gotta understand is people always

talk about how far the government’s

gonna go keep in mind if they go too far

they lose their own power why do you

think the government always pulls back

because at a certain point they lose

their own power so you’ve got to find

their pain threshold in 2020 they went

way further than most people thought

they would go myself included

but they’ve always got a stopping point

we’ve seen their stopping point


ironically and hilariously enough was

truckers okay truckers saved the day

these freedom convoys

biden was in full panic mode he was in a

fetal position under his bed in delaware

and justin trudeau was throwing a fit

and hiding

making stuff up on every news because

they were petrified of these truckers

they’re petrified of freedom they don’t

want that they want control but they

understand if they push too far

blockchain only needs one node are they

gonna be able to shut it down no now we

have so much of the internet on

alternate energy so much of the internet

that is spread out across the entire


it’s basically the internet is is almost

mutually assured destruction for their

power and basically for civilization at

this point it has gone if they wanted to

take the internet down they’ve let it go

decades too far and now with web3 and

blockchain there’s nothing they can do

because not only that take the internet

down they’d also have to take all the

power down

which again they have zero power at that

point they are nobody they are nothing

at that point

so that’s the one thing you got to keep

in mind anyway let me know your

favorites down below these are three of

my favorites besides tor and i want to

make it clear the government has been

attacking tor they have floated in

different uh bills to make tory illegal

do i think that’s going to happen

it doesn’t really

matter if you use the internet right see

the government is trying to get a grasp

on the internet because they understand

it’s so far out of their grasp and so

far beyond their control they’re getting


they’re petrified of what’s gonna happen


decentralization equals freedom and it

doesn’t matter if you’re in germany or

berlin or the uk or ireland or iceland

or australia or japan or hong kong or

burma or the congo or brazil or costa

rica or belize or the united states or


or anywhere else

decentralization peer-to-peer is freedom

and there’s nothing they can do about it

let me know your favorites down below

and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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